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fashion games online for girls only
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fashion games online for girls only - Monopoly Pink
Monopoly Pink Boutique Edition Board Game
Monopoly Pink Boutique Edition Board Game
This is Monopoly like you have never seen it - dressed up in pink and all about things girls love! Buy boutiques and malls, go on a shopping spree, pay your cell phone bill, and get text and instant messages. You and your friends will adore the funky tokens, cool buildings, and cute illustrations. Best of all, the game is stored in a beautiful keepsake box which doubles as a jewelry box. Cool game features include: 8 collectible tokens just for girls, keepsake storage box with removable tray and mirrored insert, pink gameboard with fun properties, pink and purple translucent boutiques and malls instead of houses and hotels, Instant Message and Text Message cards instead of Chance and Community Chest, pink Title Deed cards, redesigned Monopoly money, flocked banker's tray, 2 pink dice, and instructions. Paint the town pink with this Toys R Us Exclusive!

88% (10)
Valentine's Day 101 - Gifts for Him
Valentine's Day 101 - Gifts for Him
Valentine's Day 101 - Gifts for Him Summary: It will not be difficult if only you know what appropriate gifts are popular for men on the romantic Valentine's Day! Gift is a dispensable part in St. Valentine's Day, and it will spend more time to choose a gift for a man than to pick a present for a woman. Have you ever worried about what to send for your lover on the approaching Valentine's Day? If so, after reading this article, you will find a large selection of gifts for him. 1 Tickets for your boyfriend Not parking tickets, mind you, but tickets for an event you know he would love. If he loves fast cars (which guy doesn't?), and you can afford it, get him a ticket to the F1 races. Get a pair, so you can bring him there. Hey, in this modern day and age, we girls can treat our guys out to something special now and then. A ticket to a football game where his favourite team is playing, with you watching beside him is one of the sexiest gifts you could give your guy. Especially if you are really into the game. 2 A watch for your lover If your sweetie loves watches, especially if he collects them, get him a gorgeous watch from one of his favourite brands. Invest in a great one he'd be proud to wear, and to show off to his friends. That watch would probably be his favourite as it comes from you. Each time he checks the time, he'd think of you. Never be hesitated to take a luxury watch if it's your lover's style, great surprise will come to you both. 3 Perfumes, especially Colognes for your guy When it comes to marketing perfumes, romance and attraction are often integral to the image created. Given that perfumes, or men's colognes, are designed to provoke senses, that is not surprising. Sensuality and romance, sensuality and love, and sensuality and fragrance, are all combinations of the sensual. Due to the often romantic connotations, men's cologne can be a good choice as a Valentine gift for him. You will find there are men's perfume ranges with a heart, love or romance theme that will make appropriate gifts for February 14. Some of the top designer names have their romantic perfumes, such as Romance by Ralph Lauren, Eternal Love by Eternal Love, and Touch of Love by Fred Hayman. 4 Love letters to him Love letters may be old-fashioned in the heady world of online e-cards but they are, nonetheless, an unparalleled way to express your love. Most of us are too shy to confess our real feelings of love. In a love letter we can cast aside shame and speak from our hearts. Your romantic truths will be a gift he can keep and read over and over for the rest of his life. Do you remember your first date with him? Can you think of something he might like that would symbolize that date? Write him a love letter, reminding him of that special beginning and how far you have come. 5 Jewellery for your sweetheart While many men will not appreciate a piece of jewellery for themselves with a heart shape or rose feature, that does not mean you cannot make a jewellery gift a little bit romantic. Buy him a piece of jewelry that symbolizes your love and acts as an ever-present reminder of it when you are both apart. Rings are commonly bought for men. Besides, most pieces of jewellery can be engraved, and that is where your gift can be romanticized. Your love message engraved on a men's bracelet, chain or even watch can become a lasting memory of your love for him. 6 A photograph of you for your sweetie It would be great to take a photograph of yourself and send it to your lover, this is the special gift that is not able to buy in the market. Of course, it would be much better to inscribe your words of love on the back of the photograph and encase it in a tasteful frame. This gift is more suitable for those lovers who are living or working in different places. With the photo, he can see "you" all the time! What's more, the words written on the reverse side strengthens your bond and lets him know how much you have loved him.
1 Become 2
1 Become 2
Levis 523 SGD169 RM400 Just a same brand but the price is difference. For an example, this 523 is current fashion jean available in the market. Just like for those youngster work for 9am to 6pm, in between they still can online play games etc.... The price is sell higher than 501 for sure the company boss happy with the performance and margin. Work shorted and earn more. This may due to difference superior guidance, but from my current experience and problem I face is only for girl to work on it and under supervisor guidance. Which one you prefer?

fashion games online for girls only
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