The Project of Fighters Anthology (FA) Shape Improvement

(The screen shot of Google SketchUp with FASHion plugin, F-5E Tiger II re-shaping)

This project is based on the tool (FASHion), to improve/create objects of Fighter Anthology.

The modifications are classified as two types, the improved and new created.

    • The improved objects mean the minor revised of original FA objects.
    • They are used to replace the sh file in default FA lib without the requirement of new profiles
    • The new created objects mean the new objects are created based on original FA objects
    • These objects have new names, usually have to work with new profiles.

The improve/create FA objects of this site are published by GNU GPL license.

They can be used to create/improve your custom libs with indicated the source site and contribution of Chandler.

    • Special thanks to the author of JKPFA lib, John K. "Zephyr" Peterson.
    • I wish my contribution can improve JKPFA lib, which is the best lib now.