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Speaker Guidelines

The Speakers' List is made up of individuals offering themselves and their topics for the benefit of the Federation member clubs.
It is the responsibility of the clubs to contact a speaker directly to arrange a date and to negotiate any possible fees.
It is important that you look after this list, respecting the confidentiality of information given here such as addresses, phone numbers, etc.
At the 2010 AGM and recorded in the minutes of that meeting, a “minimum speaker fee” of CHF 120 was recommended. Fees are always a tricky topic and it will require some negotiating between you the club, and the speaker – but please keep this fee guideline in mind, even if they might be a member of your own club! All of the speakers have put a lot of thought, time and energy into their presentation and it is only fair that a club rightfully show their appreciation.
Instead of a “speaker fee”, the speaker may want only transportation costs or if they live far away from your location, a place to stay the night – these will all be things you will need to negotiate directly with the speaker.
There is a document “Speaker Contact Information”, which includes in the last column an indication of the FASC clubs to which the various speakers have recently been invited. Please contact these “reference” clubs for more feedback on how they enjoyed the speaker you would like to book.
We are always looking for new people to add to our speaker list and I want to thank those clubs who submitted names for this newest list!
If at anytime you have a speaker that you would like to recommend and who themselves have expressed an interest in being added to our list, please let me know! Please also let me know if you have had one of our speakers and are prepared to give an evaluation.
Vicky Bodmer
FASC Secretary