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Talks by Art Funkhouser

E-Mail :  Art Funkhouser

Art first studied physics (optics) at MIT and from there specialized in holography at the University of Michigan. He was employed as a physicist at the (then) National Bureau of Standards (Gaithersberg, MD) when he became interested in Jungian psychology.
Due to his own déjà experiences as a teenager, he has had an abiding interest in them ever since.  He has made his gleanings available on a website at www.deja-experience-research.org.

He has 5 topics on offer :

1.    Dreams and Dreaming: A brief survey of how dreams have been considered down through history and around the world
2.    Dreamwork tools: How to go about working with a dream
3.    Everything you‘ve always wanted to know about déjà vu
4.    Some Results from an Internet Déjà Vu Questionnaire
5.    10 Dimensions of dream meaning