FASC Introduction

What is the FASC ?

The Federation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs – FASC for short – is the umbrella organization for Anglo-Swiss and English-speaking clubs all over Switzerland. As a non-political, non-sectarian and non-profit organization, the FASC’s aim is to provide a platform for English speakers and Swiss to meet – or, as it states in the FASC constitution, “to promote friendship and understanding between Switzerland and all English-speaking peoples”. It does this by encouraging a lively spirit of collaboration between all bona fide Anglo-Swiss Clubs and other clubs which use English as their means of communication.

According to the records we still have, there were a number of Anglo-Swiss Clubs and English-speaking clubs in Switzerland dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century, although they were not organized at a national level. But there was obviously some lively net-working going on, and the end result was the founding of the Federation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs in Macolin/Magglingen on the 19 June 1932. The founders were E.C. Biel/Bienne, E.C.C. Geneva, A.S.C. Lucerne and A.S.C. Basle, all very active clubs at that time (most of them still are). Right from the beginning, the patron of the FASC was the British Ambassador, a tradition that was continued until 2017.

The Federation has an active website (www.angloswissclubs.ch) giving news of all the FASC’s events and activities, and providing a link to the websites of all the member clubs.

The FASC has years of tradition behind it. helping interned soldiers during the war; prestigious events at the best hotels in Switzerland and sporting competitions to rival the Olympics. In recent years one of our clubs did have tea at the Ritz in London to celebrate their 75th anniversary, but most events are now aimed at more modest budgets in line with our changing membership which is now much more diverse something that is best illustrated with the picture below ...

The FASC has enjoyed the patronage of H.M. Ambassador to Switzerland for many years being fully aware of the very useful function that the FASC performs in getting English-speaking and Swiss people together.

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