Federation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs


FASC discontinues to be the federation of anglo-swiss clubs
On the meeting on October 10, 2020, the representants of the anglo-swiss clubs of Switzerland did decide to discontinue having a head organization that unites the anglo-swiss associations of Switzerland.
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The Federation of Anglo-Swiss Clubs – FASC for short – was the umbrella organization for Anglo-Swiss and English-speaking clubs all over Switzerland. 
The decision to disontinue FASC was made after years of reflexion. Over the past decade at least, all member clubs noticed a continuing reduction in their membership and a steady increase of the average age of their members. It was for this reason that it became impossible for FASC to function as a liaison with the diplomatic representatives in Switzerland and to organize national events as it did in the past.

The following clubs were the members of the Federation :
  1. Websites

  2. English-Speaking Club Baden-Brugg - Homepage  /  Program
  3. English Club Biel/Bienne - Homepage  /  Program
  4. Anglo-Swiss Club Fribourg - Calendar of events
  5. English Speaking & Anglo-Swiss Club of Lausanne - Homepage
  6. International Club Lausanne - Homepage and Club information
  7. Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno - Homepage / Programme
  8. Anglo-Swiss Club Lucerne - Homepage
  9. Anglo-Swiss Club Solothurn - Homepage
  10. English Club Toggenburg-Wil - Homepage  /  Events  

         Clubs hosting information on the FASC website

  1. Anglo-Swiss Club Basel 
  2. Swiss-British Society Berne 
  3. Anglo-Swiss Circle St.Gallen     /    Facebook