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These are the Member Clubs of the Federation with links to their Homepages or to their Programmes or Information pages.

The following clubs are members of the Federation - which one is local to you?

  1. Websites

  2. English-Speaking Club Aarau - Activities page
  3. English-Speaking Club Baden-Brugg - Homepage Programme
  4. English Club Biel/Bienne - Program page
  5. Anglo-Swiss Club Fribourg - Calendar of events
  6. English Speaking & Anglo-Swiss Club of Lausanne - Homepage
  7. International Club Lausanne - Homepage and Club information
  8. Anglo-Swiss Club Locarno - Current Programme
  9. Anglo-Swiss Club Lucerne - Homepage
  10. Anglo-Swiss Club Solothurn - Homepage
  11. English Club Toggenburg-Wil - Events page

  12. Club information pages (hosted by the FASC)

  13. Anglo-Swiss Club Basle 
  14. Swiss-British Society Berne 
  15. Anglo-Swiss Circle St. Gallen
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          FASC Clubs in Switzerland