Peted Swift
Want to get more power  from your oil burner
Product Review: Pete’s Powerbox for Suzuki Swift 1.3 DDIS 75bhp non VGT.
Done - 4864kms
Manufacturer: PSI-Motorsport, Belgium
MSRP: Rs.29,000 in Mumbai.
Warranty: 2 years
Website: Pete's Performance Products

Manufacturer Claims:
Standard: 75 bhp 190 NM torque
PSI: 90 bhp 210 NM torque (on stock box settings)
- Horsepower and torque increased by 20%
- Better fuel efficiency
- Plug & play
- No changes in original ECU
- No modification to OE parts
- Better In Gear acceleration

Power figures in KW (1KW=1.34hp)

The best thing about the box is that installing it is DIY thing. It takes only of 15 – 20 minutes (if you have the tools to fix the box) Plug it in and you have instantly more power & torque.

The best thing about installing it myself was before service i would remove it and go to stock settings.

Installation is pretty simple.
1. Remove the plastic engine cover. You will need size 8 box type spanner, i didnot have it and got it opened at a local garage.

2. Unplug the original connector and hook it too the connector supplied with the box.

These 2 Pics courtsey Peter.

3. Secure the mouting, i did it with black tape on top of the battery.
4. Went back to the garage to put the plastic engine cover on.

A instruction page with detailed pictures is given to help with the installation and what to do and what not to.


Yes this is what you all are waiting for, after confirming and setting the box on the car with the help of Peter(on the phone) it was time to go for a run. While driving off in the colony noticed the car to have more torque but was shifting at 2000RPM, reached palm beach and floored her shifting at 5000RPM and voila it went faster much much faster but the best part of the box comes in play in fifth gear, speed of 60 or so 5th gear and floor her, the way she accelerates is totally mind boggling, it goes 60-80-100-120-140 and still feels like she is in third, crazy!

The car wheelspins in third gear as well on 195's.

The stock Swift has 190NM and with Petes it feels utterly fast, the surge you get is enough to give you a stomach ache, it lunges forward with more grunt.

Timings : -

Stock 0 - 100 - 13.87(According to ACI)
Petes 0 - 100 - 11.9secs(using stock watch, did three runs took the average of the three in wet conditions)

Fuel Efficency

Not yet tested but when driving so hard, who cares, but i will let you people know soon.

Extremely easy installation
Instant results
Lesser smoke from the exhaust
2 years Warranty

Errrrr......, yet to check the FE, but i dont think its going to go down, yes the car has been driven hard so lets wait for the FE figures.

Mounting bracket would be great but then when i go for service it can be identified i am upto something.


The petes box is not about 0 - 100 timings alone. The overall drivabilty of the car has improved tremendously, in same gear same speed it accelerates more so that sums up the box to be a must have for Torque addicts.

Thanks to Peter aka Turboindia for the fabulous support offered and to answer all my queries. Thanks to Rtech for the format i have taken from his thread here (Product Review: Pete's Digital Diesel Tuning Box)

To get the best out of the box, its wise to get a Green Filter with Twister Kit, which i will go on for later. This is how its installed in a Swift, pics Coutsey Peter.