Computer Science PhD at School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, The Pennsylvania State University.

Electrical Engineering PhD at School of Electrical Engineering, Sharif University of Technology.

Email: farshid83 AT gmail DOT com


About Me

Currently I am a member of Intelligent Information Systems (IIS) research lab at Penn State. I am working with Prof. James Wang (adviser) and Prof. Jesse Barlow (co-adviser), also collaborating with Prof. Zihan Zhou. My research interests lie in the area of computer vision and big visual data computing. More specifically, I am interested in image aesthetics using deep learning, pattern recognition and multimedia processing, and information retrieval. Also I am working in the field of big data computing specially on resource allocation in distributed systems and parallel computing.



  • Smart cropping with JNI implementation in Android
  • Aesthetic scoring using smartphone GPU
  • Portrait Composition Assistance (Dissertation-related)
  • Human body pose classification and recognition (Dissertation-related)
  • Emotion-aware Local Guide with iOS implementation
  • Severe weather forecasting using shape matching



  • Graduates: Diman Zad Tooaghaj, Mohammad-Mehdi Kamani, Yu Luo.
  • Undergrads: Sahil Mishra, Luke Porupski, Jeremy Ong, Yizhi Huang, Jeffery Cao, Shengguang Bai.



  • Security Weaknesses in PGP Protocol, F Farhat, M Heydari, MR Aref, 2013.