John Farr's Educational Technology Page

Broad topics such as software titles (Office 365 and ActivInspire, etc.) are found by clicking the TABS at the TOP of the page.  SPECIFIC videos are listed on each Broad Topics page on the LEFT hand side of the page (left navigation bar).I have also included tabs at the top of the page that link to other Educational Technology websites that may be useful. Individual videos that do not really fit into broad categories can be found on the left navigation bar of this page beneath the No Teacher Left Behind Series. 

Microsoft Office 365/Office 2017 Training Resources has many handouts, guided activities, Quick Reference guides and "how-to" training videos for you to use.  This link will give you access to an entire OneDrive folder of organized (by application) materials. 

No Teacher Left Behind Series - Computer Basics

The links on the navigation bar to the left will take you to requested videos by teachers on PC basics that we have entitled, No Teacher Left 
Behind (NTLB).  Watch the video below to get some pointers on how best to navigate and use this site.

how to use the site.mp4