April 27th, 2016

Just an update on HBW. I don't have too much going on this week, but sometime tonight (Wednesday) I'll get something up on YouTube, even if it's a tasting of some beers I got sent. Oh, and I figured out the best way to squeeze a lime. Stay tuned. Cheers!

UPDATE: Ok, it didn't happen. Huge project going here with spring cleaning and yard stuff. I'm tired. I'll get one out before Friday. Cheers!

HBW Update... It couldn't happen this week. Problems with my fridge and people coming over don't mix too well. I'll be more than happy to do a HBW this weekend. (Home Brew Weekend)

Hey, I'm Craig. This site is meant to be a companion to my YouTube site, CraigTube. Here, I will go into some more detail about some of the things I do on that channel. In addition to that, I have another channel called CraigTubeMusic, where I feature some of my performances and music. Many of those videos will also be available here on this site. The links over on the right will guide you to the different areas of the site.

Home brewing beer is one of my most popular topics on my YouTube channel. The growth of my CraigTube channel has inspired me to expand the possibilities that this kind of attention can create. My main focus here is to create new home brewing videos for beginners, while maintaining my viewing audience of more advanced home brewers. 

High Gravity is a fantastic Home Brew Store with everything
you need for your brewing needs. Please use link below.

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