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Farnham Town Crier Diary - 2017
Date  Authority  Location Time Role/Duties Notes

27th FTC FTC Council Chamber 18:00 ---> Town Crier Services To Farnham Awards

6th FTC Forest Lodge Garden Centre 18:00 ---> Town Crier Launch of Farnham In Bloom
10thFTCCastle Street, Farnham10:50 --->Town CrierTime To Remember - Unveiling of Plaque
11th FTC FTC Council Chamber 18:00 ---> Town Crier Mayor Making
13thSHBCSurrey Heath Golf Club, Camberley19:00 --->Town Crier - Master of CeremoniesMayor of Surrey Heath's Charity Ball
28thFTCGostrey Meadow10:00 --->Town CrierSpring Festival - Announcing Mayor
11th FTC St John's, Hale 15:00 ---> Town Crier Civic Service
17thFTCFarnham Town Centre10:00 --->Town CrierPromoting Farnham Carnival
1st HCC Hale Green, Farnham 14:00 ---> Town Crier Hale Carnival - Opening & Procession
2ndPHAPrinces Hall, Aldershot19:30 --->Town Crier - ComperingA Festival of Song
11th FTC Farnham Town Centre 10:30 ---> Town Crier South & South-East In Bloom - Judging
12th FTC Farnham Town Centre 10:30 ---> Town Crier South & South-East In Bloom - Judging
7th FTC Farnham Town Centre 10:30 ---> Town Crier Britain In Bloom - Judging
2ndFTCFarnham Town Centre10:00 --->Town CrierPromoting Heritage Open Days
9th FTC Farnham Town Centre 10:00 ---> Town Crier Promoting Heritage Open Days
30thFTCCastle Street, Farnham10:00 --->Town CrierFarnham Food Festival
12th FTC Squires Garden Centre 16:00 ---> Town Crier - Compere Farnham In Bloom Awards - Schools Presentations
Tbc FTC Farnham Rugby Club 18:30 ---> Town Crier - Compere Farnham Sports Awards
10thFTCTbcTbcTown CrierSchools Armistice Event
11thATCMAldershot Town Centre11:00 ---> Town CrierAnnouncing 2-Minute Silence
16th FTC Farnham Castle 19:00 ---> Town Crier - Master of Ceremonies Venison Dinner
18th FTC Gostrey Meadows, Farnham 16:00 ---> Town Crier Switch-On of Christmas Lights - Announcing Mayor
10thFTCCastle Street, Farnham10:00 --->Town CrierChristmas Market
14th FTC URC, Farnham 19:00 ---> Town Crier - Usher Civic Carol Service
17th FTC Gostrey Meadow 14:30 ---> Town Crier Carols - Farnham In Bloom

FTC St John's, Hale, Farnham 16:00 ---> Town Crier - Reading a Lesson Carol Service

ATCM = Aldershot Town Centre Manager
FTC = Farnham Town Council
HCC = Hale Carnival Committee
SHBC = Surrey Heath Borough Council
PHA = Princes Hall, Aldershot