TIM LEACH | Business Manager / Treasurer

Tim (“Mr. Leach” to the kids) has been working in various volunteer staff positions with FUPE since its second year. He is currently the Business Manager for FUPE and the Secretary/Treasurer of Farmington United Winter Performance Groups.

Tim’s job is summed up simply by saying “He handles all matters not pertaining to music or music instruction”. (Tim's musical talent is limited..he can't even play the radio!!) But, if it needs to be found, purchased, paid for, collected, documented, moved, built, driven, repaired or coordinated, Tim is involved.

Tim has volunteered for the North Farmington High Marching Band by hauling their equipment to and from Band Camp for the past few years. Tim has also been a parent volunteer/ staff member with the Harrison High School marching band since 2003, currently as the Equipment Manager, Pit Crew Chief, and Tractor Driver Extraordinaire! Bring him a 7-11 coffee (1/3 French Vanilla Cappuccino,2/3 regular coffee) and he is at your disposal!!!