JOE KUERZI | Director / President / Founder

Joe Kuerzi started playing percussion at the age of 11 when he studied with Joe Fuhrman of the Armed Forces School of Music. Activities such as church league basketball and bee keeping fell along the wayside, as his pursuit of percussion became a lifelong obsession. Joe continued his studies with Al Place, Lawrence Stone, Dr. Richard McLendon, James Rago, Daniel Wooten and Michael Mann. Joe is a member of the Percussive Arts Society, Phi Boota Roota, and Phi Mu Alpha.

Still an active performer, Joe has performed in numerous musical organizations throughout the East Coast, Midwest and Southern regions of the country. Video performances of his rendition of the “Little Drummer Boy” are still a popular holiday treat.

Joe became active in the drum corps activity and spent over 20 years touring with numerous drum corps organizations. Joe was associated with the Phantom Regiment, the Northern Aurora, The Americanos and the Kiwanis Kavaliers. Joe served on the Drum Corps Midwest Board of Directors, the Drum Corps International Division II/III Board of Directors, was named Director of the Year for Division II/III and was a part of the design team that was the recipients of the Drum Corps International Spirit of Disney Award three consecutive years for shows that were recognized for being the most creative and entertaining in the activity.

As an instructor, Joe has been involved with the instruction and design with over 50 different high school programs and 19 state champion ensembles in four states. He has two quilts made from shirts of said groups and enough hoodies and member jackets to represent a different group every day of the month. Joe currently teaches in the Farmington Public Schools where he instructs the Percussion Classes at both Harrison and North Farmington High Schools, is the Assistant Band Director at both schools and is the Auditorium Manager at Harrison.

Joe is a founding member of the indoor percussion activity in Michigan. Joe has been associated with the following ensembles in the Michigan Color Guard Circuit: Novi Percussion, The Diddle Dogs, Harrison High School Percussion, Arthur Hill Percussion, Ferndale Percussion, Eastside Fury, North Farmington Concert Ensemble, Southgate Anderson Indoor Drumline and is the founder and Director for the last 10 years with Farmington United Percussion. Joe has served as the MCGC Percussion Liaison, and is a member of the MCGC Hall of Fame.

Joe currently resides in Pleasant Ridge with his wife Colleen and their two hound dogs, Biscuit and Gravy.