Evan Mahoney | Snare

Evan Mahoney
Evan is a Michigan State graduate who earned his degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. He has been a part of several groups throughout Michigan during his drumming career. He first became familiar with FUPE during high school, marching here his Junior and Senior year. FUPE propelled him on to MSU, where he was a 4-year member of the snare line and the best dead battery guy MSU has ever seen under the instruction of Jon Weber. He has also marched at Eastside Fury and has taught the Jackson Northwest Marching Mounties. 

During his free time, Evan loves to play golf and tennis and is very serious about his Fantasy Football. With his new job at Quicken Loans, Evan is more than excited about the opportunity to come back to FUPE and give back to the group that made him who he is today!