Colleen Murphy | Visual

I spent my childhood (from age 10-18) in my father’s award winning community band. His successful concert band won numerous awards at the national level and his marching band competed often in the USA; bringing numerous awards back to Canada. I was a color guard member and a drum major in his band. My greatest achievement as a Canadian DM was effectively conducting the Star Spangled Banner – you music majors all know how fun that is - After my father retired I became the Director of the Winter Guard program. That fine group of students, ages 10-21, were bumped the week before finals and placed 3rd behind the world class color guard groups at MCGC that year.

My first teaching experience in Michigan was at Southfield High School as an 18 year old. After that I taught numerous marching bands and winter guards in Michigan. I moved into visual caption head positions, I have judged marching bands, instructed drum corps and finally got dragged into the dark side of winter drumlines – only because my son loved it I think.  I have raised a color guard girl and a drummer boy, who happened to be a Champion at WGI in 2010 with Pulse. I was intrigued. I have now done a few seasons with drumlines, been run over by a bass drummer, fallen over mic cords and purchased earplugs. But I enjoy the challenge of convincing drummers that the visual importance of a show is worthy of rehearsal time.

My goal in working with members and the staff of FUPE is similar to my goal as an elementary educator: to work with a team of educators who collaboratively provide an effective and exciting environment, ensuring maximum student achievement. 

Members will tell you I am verbally enthusiastic, unlike many of the calm male staff, but my passion is the catalyst for my volume because I grew up before megaphones, wireless mics and space alien speakers. I am looking forward to the new season and feel young now that Jim is back!