“Circle of Honor”

Members that have been inducted into the Farmington United Percussion Ensembles Circle of Honor, possess a rare combination of talent and characteristics that every member of the FUPE organization strives to achieve and maintain.
Farmington United Percussion Ensemble is proud to present the following seven traits which, when joined together, forms the foundation of the Circle of Honor:

CHARACTER: The induction into the FUPE Circle of Honor represents the highest honor for a career of individual accomplishment resulting in team success. Ensembles constructed with character reduce uncertainty and stay on their purpose.  FUPE Members of Honor maintain direction with intense focus.  Character is at the beginning of the cycle and carries them all the way to a successful ending.

GRATITUDE: FUPE Members of Honor carry forth a special attitude of gratitude, to those around them, they are always a fountain rather than a drain. Each is different, but all keep those around them on the path of progression. The members basic ability to enjoy their talents and gifts of others help them to continually contribute as opposed to contaminate.

VISION: Fueled by self-knowledge, great character and an appreciation for everything available to them. FUPE Members of Honor visualize short and long term successes in Technicolor. They are, through vision, great connectors. Those around them are energized and they use all that surrounds them to create an inspirational bigger picture.

PASSION: Passionate FUPE members have an unusual ability to face failure, physical setbacks and exhaustion. They have an internal tenacity that helps them get back up when knocked down. Their passion motivates fellow members to join in on the pursuit of the ensembles dream. Passion breeds conviction and turns mediocrity into excellence. With passion, we can overcome all obstacles.

FAITH & COURAGE: FUPE Members of Honor stand tall in the good times as well as the rough times. They are held up by their deep faith in themselves, their fellow members and their fans. Inspired by belief in a great destiny, these champions never waver from their victorious path. Faith is belief in what you cannot see. Great vision matched with unbridled passion sets up absolute faith. Faith evokes a special courage and confidence. When matched with action, faith kills worry and procrastination, the two traits that produce regular failure.

COMPETITIVE SPIRIT: True competitors want to be put on the line and measured. They thrive on adversity and use it to achieve a special edge. Persistence, determination, tenacity and sportsmanship are the hallmarks of this warrior mentality. FUPE Members of Honor need character, gratitude, vision, passion and faith to become a championship caliber competitor. There are no shortcuts and they do not look for them, because their competitive fire will not allow them to.

HUMILITY: Humility in oneself inspires the best of others and feeds our character. A vital aspect of the true leadership is the willingness of others to follow.