2024-2025 Reflections

Reflections is a National PTA program that encourages students to explore the arts and express themselves through a nationwide contest. Students can submit art in the form of visual arts, literature, music composition, film production, photography or dance choreography. Entries are judged on how well the art relates to the theme, creativity and technical aspects of the medium. This contest is open to all students attending Farmington Public Schools.

The 2024-2025 theme is...

"Accepting Imperfection"

      • Primary Age Group (Pre-K to Grade 2)
      • Intermediate Age Group (Grade 3 to Grade 5)
      • Middle Age Group (Grade 6 to Grade 8)
      • High School Age Group (Grade 9 to Grade 12)
      • Accessible Arts Group (formerly Special Artist Age Group) (click here to see specifics for Accessible Arts)

Visual Arts Rules

Photography Rules

Literature Rules

Music Composition Rules

Dance Choreography Rules

Film Production Rules 

Entry Form 

Each individual entry needs it's own student entry form.   Entry forms will be available after the school year starts.  Besides contact information, the entry form will ask the student for a title and an artist statement.  Required Artist statements are 10 to 100 words explaining how the entry is related to the theme, what inspired the work, etc.  Artist statement is very important and required.  Please also provide a title and do not title the entry the theme.

Individual local school PTA/PTSA will decide if multiple entries per student are allowed.

Contact your Local School Reflections Chairperson or PTA for due date and information on how to submit to your school.  Click here for a blank entry form, but check if your school is using paper entry forms or an online google form entry form.  


In general, we conduct blind judging, so please do not write your name on your entry. Judges are selected from the community and are knowledgeable in the category.   Click here to read how judges are asked to determine their scores. Note that the Interpretation of the Theme receives 40% of the score, so a strong artist statement is important.

Each local school PTA/PTSA will organize the judging for their PTA unit and organize award ceremonies as they see fit.  Top 3 entries in each age group and category from each local school PTA will advance to the district Reflections contest.  District will award the top 4 entries in each age group and category at a District Reflections Award Ceremony.  Those same top 4 entries will advance from districts to the state Reflections contest.  State will award the top 4 entries in each age group and category at the State Reflections Award Ceremony.  Only the single top entry from each age group and category will advance to the National Reflections Contest.


Contact Pauline Kim at paulinekim@rocketmail.com