We will continue working on our game from Studio in Capstone. Currently the game includes basic farming, quest, dialogue, and combat systems.

The milestones that we would like to achieve this semester are:
  • Reworking the tutorial - we would like the tutorial to be less words and more actions. We would like to make a specific area just for the tutorial to take place. 
  • Reworking the dialogue and quest systems - currently the quests are prone to errors because if a quest giver is killed the quest will become impossible to complete. We would also like to add the possibility of marking a quest as active which will then allow us to have objective markers for those quests. Currently if the player completes an objective before it is assigned, they will not be able to complete that quest, we would like to modify the system so that that objective will simply become complete if it has already been done. Each of these changes will make the game more robust and have less errors.
  • AI - we would like to give the guards and other NPCs fields of view so that they will realistically know when the player is in their vicinity. NPCs currently use a waypoint system to move around that doesn't allow them to move vertically. We would like to implement some sort of pathfinding that allows NPCs to move more freely and vertically. Another thing that we want to implement in this area is livestock behaviors, like running away from the player or charging the player when they get too close. We also want to give the livestock daily routines similar to the humans. At this point in time, combat in this game involves running towards the enemy and flopping a weapon at them, but we would like to make the combat something fun. A few things that we plan to do to make combat fun include particle effects for weapon contacts, better-looking combat animations, and behaviors for the NPCs that are different from running and attacking.
  • Add uses for money - Currently in the game, the player gets crops to improve their level, but we would like to add purpose to having those crops. We are going to add a barter system that allows the player to sell items, like crops and maybe meat from livestock, to NPCs for money. The player can then buy better weapons or tools and the money will also be used in the story.
  • Adding a new town and another main character - Our major addition to the story is that the player will now have a daughter that becomes ill and dependent on a medicine that the player has to buy every so often. This will give the player a reason to farm and get money so that they can keep her alive. After the village becomes too dangerous for the main character to remain there, the player can pay off the guard to let them leave the village. Then the player will continue the storyline in a new place.
  • Use of bodies - Last semester we wanted to make a wave of bodies that is the result of the plague that is killing hordes of people elsewhere, so we would like to add that in this semester. We also want to add the ability to drag bodies in the game.

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