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            Every design available on Widdlytinks has been created with care and attention to detail using the trained eye of an award-winning artist with over 20 years of experience in design. Often imitated but never duplicated, our artwork is distinctive and exclusive. Why does this matter? Because you deserve the best when it comes to selecting a gift for yourself, a loved one or special friend. Decorating your home with amazing, original wall decor has never been so easy! With a variety of options and sizes to choose from, you can personalize your space and make a grand statement with art made just for you. From vintage to modern and rustic to farmhouse, you're sure to find a piece that speaks to your heart and looks fabulous in your space. Farmhouse Decor Evoking a feeling of nostalgia and familiarity, farmhouse decor consists of warm, weathered textures and a balance of old and new. Farmhouse is a laid-back style that harkens back to long-standing traditions and a heritage of simplicity reminiscent of well-loved and well-used functional items. A sophisticated twist to a country style, farmhouse decor adds casual elegance that's functional without being fussy. Balancing old and new makes for a warm, cozy and relaxing space that's full of charm and character. To master the look, a space should be decorated as if it's evolved over time with styles and materials that are mixed.  Decorate with items that have meaning, whether that be a precious heirloom handed down through the family or a brand new piece that you fell in love with. Practicality is key as nothing should be too delicate or dainty. Instead, choose items that are hardy yet sophisticated. Newer items mixed with vintage flea market finds and treasured hand-me-downs is sure to create a clean and stylish interior that feels warmhearted and genuine. The Farmhouse decor style has evolved into several different hybrid styles which mix and match the essence of the style with other popular and well-loved styles. French Farmhouse:

            Create a farmhouse space with French provincial style by using a color palette consisting of cool grays and crisp white. Incorporate beautiful marble pieces, galvanized metal elements and mix in warm touches such as hardwood flooring and rustic accents to create an airy, light space that has a French country inspired feel. Scandinavian Farmhouse: Scandinavian style is known for a minimalist, clean-lined, bright aesthetic. Create a Scandinavian

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farmhouse style by mixing these elements with rustic or vintage accents and textures to warm up the modern feel and give it a cozier and more casual style. Rustic Farmhouse: Rustic farmhouse style takes a slightly more rugged approach to the style by combining distressed woods, vintage accents, open shelving and warm wood tones. The addition of some earthy colors and textured accents makes for a warm, cozy space that feels both masculine and feminine. Modern Farmhouse: When rustic meets refined, you have the perfect definition of modern farmhouse style. Smooth clean lines, simplicity, bright and neutral or monochromatic color schemes make for a contemporary twist to the more laid-back and eclectic farmhouse feel. The focus is on simplicity and is accented by small warm touches such as vintage styled accents, natural wood textures and neutral contrast pieces.

              Coastal Farmhouse Create a coastal farmhouse feel by incorporating wood beams, ship lap or bead board and sea glass as your warm and weathered farmhouse textures. Gold or brass metals blend beautifully with colors inspired by the ocean to give a light, breezy feeling to the space. Colonial Farmhouse: Colonial farmhouse style is a blending of the nostalgic essence of farmhouse with old-world style. Achieve th e primitive Americana style with a muted natural color scheme, exposed brick fireplaces and flooring, historical accents, primitive wood pieces and the well-loved colonial grid windows and cabinet doors. Traditional Farmhouse: Traditional farmhouse style is the closest to the style that started the movement. Inspired by the original farmhouse aesthetic, you'll find simple cabinetry, mixed metals, primitive wood pieces and functional design without frills. Everything has a practical purpose and is understated in design. Industrial Farmhouse: The soft warmth of farmhouse style is given a more masculine vibe through the use of industrial elements. Create this look through the use of dark metals, concrete, old-fashioned Edison bulb lighting, natural wood and gray color schemes. Its both urban and country with a perfect balance of femininity and masculinity.

               Custom Canvas Wall Decor: Canvas wall art is a versatile option to bring big impact to a blank wall. With a large variety of sizes and designs to choose from, adding layers of color, texture and interest to your space has never been so easy. Perfect for both home and business environments, a custom piece of art printed on canvas personalizes your space and creates a focal point of interest to beautifully finish off a room. About the canvas art: Dried pine stretcher bars ensure the frame will not warp or bow over time Thick, archival grade, poly-cotton blend canvas provides great durability ph neutral and acid free- the canvas will not yellow over time Unparalleled depth of color and texture make for endless possibilities Easy to hang: Our canvas artwork is durable yet lightweight, which makes for an ideal art piece to hang on your wall. Every canvas sign comes ready to hang with preinstalled sawtooth hangers. Simply add your wall hardware and hang. Minimal effort for maximum impact! Made to order: At Widdlytinks, each and every sign is made to order. This allows you to choose exactly what you want from a variety of available sizes. When your order is placed, we print your desired artwork on gallery-grade canvas and professionally stretch it around a wooden frame.

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            We carefully create your order from start to finish with only you in mind. Personalization: Widdlytinks offers a variety of designs that are personalized to order. Not by some random automated process, but by the trained designer and original artist who created the work. This ensures your personal details aren't just retrofitted into a design, but rather they are carefully and artfully incorporated for a beautiful and well-balanced design. It truly is art make JUST for you. Whether its for you or a gift for a friend or loved one, nothing is more special than a personalized piece that's one-of-a-kind. Distinct and unique design: At Widdlytinks, we believe in raising the bar when it comes to art options for your space. There is no cookie cutter approach here. All of our designs are unique and created by us. We strive to create art that will make you smile and make your guests envious. Rustic Decor: Today's rustic style has emerged into a design style that emphasizes rugged beauty with nature-inspired textures and simple, earthy colors. It evokes a warm, inviting embrace through the use of rough-hewn charm and imperfection.

                Start with a neutral, natural color palette to create a soothing environment that's reminiscent of the great outdoors. Rustic style favors more masculine and roughly-textured items that provide a distinct drama and grounding of the space. Choose natural, distressed or unfinished wood textures, exposed stone or brick and worn leather mixed with oversized cozy furniture to achieve the signature character-filled aesthetic. Be sure to avoid items that seem too new or polished, such as choosing a brushed metal over a shiny one to evoke a more old-time, imperfect feeling. Roughened textures such as jute, sisal or braided rugs and natural fiber woven textiles such as chunky blankets and pillows highlight the style and add textural interest to the space. Vintage touches and simple, bold patterns will keep with the essence of nature theme and give the raw, unrefined feeling of bringing the outside indoors. Rustic style is a classic style that blends well with other similar aesthetics. It has evolved into different hybrid styles which mix and match the essence of the style with other popular and well-loved styles.

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               Modern Rustic: To achieve a more modern rustic style, pair darker, heavier elements with light colored accents such as white furniture, paint or accessories to create a balance that keeps the space feeling more modern while allowing the beautiful natural elements to shine. Similar to other modern styles, the focus is on minimalist arrangements that allows for a simple flow. The blending of light and dark brings warmth to monochromatic spaces and gives an eclectic contemporary vibe while retaining classic rustic charm. Rustic Chic: Rustic chic differs from classic rustic style through the choice of furniture and a broadening of the color palette. While traditional rustic style focuses on oversized, cozy and well-worn pieces, rustic chic is more modern. It's about creating a contrast between the rough and natural rustic style and sleek contemporary lines. For example, using bright metals such as stainless and chrome to contrast against warm natural woods. While rustic chic is simpler and cleaner, it's important to still focus on some natural and primitive accessories that bring in the undeniable rustic charm. The natural brown and tan color palette of rustic style can expand into brighter and bolder nature-inspired accent colors such as indigo blues and maroons.

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                Industrial Decor: Industrial style decor brings an urban aesthetic to the suburban space. This style merges modern elements with old world charm to create a comfortable space that feels fuss-free and simple. Inspired by old factories and industrial spaces, the style incorporates weathered wood, exposed brick, concrete, iron pipe and industrial style light fixtures. The blending of these elements gives a warehouse feel which is the goal of this aesthetic. Industrial spaces are typically open and defined by the furniture in the room. A natural color palette with a mix of grays and warm neutrals keeps the space grounded. The goal is to incorporate raw materials to make the space feel simple and unfinished. Industrial style is a style that blends well with other similar aesthetics. It has evolved into different hybrid styles which mix and match the essence of the style with other popular and well-loved styles. Vintage Industrial: The no-nonsense style of industrial decor is given a vintage feel through the incorporation of salvaged and recycled materials. Vintage tin tiles, a rusty old advertising sign, cast-iron radiators, antique lighting, old metal gym lockers and other worn and weathered vintage or antique accents add the perfect touch of history to make the space feel both old-fashioned and modern.

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Rustic Industrial: Warm up industrial style with earthy, natural elements and color palettes. Incorporate worn or distressed leather and rough-hewn wood elements along with the dark metal and exposed brick to bring the simple and comfortable functionality of rustic style into an industrial space. Industrial Farmhouse: The dark, masculine feel of industrial decor gets a touch of feminine warmth when farmhouse style elements are incorporated. Lighter colors and softer textures paired with dark metals and wood make for a comfortable space that feels comfortable and lived in while still maintaining a utilitarian vibe.
 A Tuscan home is warm and inviting and is inspired by the textures and colors found in nature. Color options for Tuscan decor are gold and yellow, dark green and sage, different shades of brown and ochre. These earthy tones can be found on walls, in Tuscany Furniture and rugs. These display the strong connection to nature that Italian style keeps.

Unlike modern homes, villa style homes and farmhouses commonly have textured walls. This timeless look gives any space an Old World feel. This can be accomplished in various ways. One popular technique used is by incorporating materials such as Venetian plaster to add texture. There are important details to focus on in decorating in this luxurious style. More and more homeowners are designing and building breathtaking Tuscany homes for their families. They are often looking for the open feel that Italian style living offers.

Tuscany style decorating involves the use of natural materials for the flooring. Tile is most often chosen. Wood flooring and stone tile are great choices for this type of Italian decor. The use of Terra cotta tile definitely achieves the earthy feel. Carpet is rarely chosen.

Today, many homeowners are attracted to the idea of the kitchen being "the heart of Italian Life." So, with this in mind, we take great care in making our Italian style kitchens extraordinary! Ways to achieve villa style kitchens are open shelving for cabinets and earth tones on the walls. There are so many other intricate details that make Mediterranean style decorating a success. You will realize this as you make your way through this website. But, along with functionality, the display of beautiful decorative pieces in which are visible on the open shelving can give your Farmhouse kitchen decor a true Mediterranean look.

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Tuscany is such a beautiful place to be. Whether visiting Tuscany Italy, or wanting to decorate your home with warm tones and Tuscan colors, there's nothing like waking up to a quaint Tuscan surround.

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