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Hiya welcome to my web page  This is just a space for me really to locate my art and to let the world know more about me


This is me with just a touch makeup not my best but other's think that I am cute.






Dick Blick

True Selves

Metamorphose My favorite EGL dresses

Sock Dreams

Lingerie Solutions

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I am a trans artist this is going to be my main page of artistic bitching and photgraphic grandour in the future expect a photo gallery and well I am not even sure yet probably a link to donate money to help me on my transtion if you want to go ahead and do that now I have paypal and my email addy is of if you have questions about anything feel free to emailme. Below you will find my Live journal or clicky here  and you will be flown over the web to my lj.

I am in love with  2 beutiful women.

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