2) HOW

Creating more re-localized economies is an essential part of stopping the destruction & creating the new societies that we want & need, able to live in harmony with Nature & all other species.


How we got this far

We simply brought a farm in 2006 after living in a rented farm nearby since 2001.   

We loved it, hard as it was at times we found we could not go back to living in a city ever again and also noticed there were lots of people who are also wanting to make the step of moving to simpler and rural living, but don't have the resources, or the support or the information & contacts to do this successfully.

We witnessed many people & families making the big jump only to return to the city after a few years of trying, having lost a lot of money, energy & enthusiasm.    Many others we witnessed spending years and sometimes even decades travelling around the world looking for the perfect project, place or community to settle down in, or hoping to accumulate enough inspiration & experience in order to 'start their own project', some day.    This day never seemed to come for most people however.

Our mission became to help turn this big resource drain into something positive, creative & constructive, instead of another form of consumerism.  This meant finding the most effective ways to accelerate the action-learning necessary to make such big changes in one's life, for people who are 'civilized' into many patterns which are very counter-productive to living sustainably or rationally.   We also learned a great deal ourselves, of course, in hosting many action-learning programmes, effectively creating many small temporary communities, but in the same place.  

This big & unusual adventure informed the curriculum of the PDC+++ Course (now available online in two languages, to help people design their own communities, without the need to travel quite so much).    

Later we realized, as we slowly got to know the history of the place we were living in (from the elderly neighbors, who generously shared hundreds of hours of stories from their lifetimes of living here) that the small hamlet which surrounded our farm (as several of the neighboring farms came up for sale) was perfect for an eco-village, as it had been built to be one about a century ago, and worked very well before.  All the major infrastructure is already in place, all that's missing is a pioneering group of people.   

It is also becoming increasingly obvious that these small eco-communities are very needed as 'seeds' for changing local economies, that we need many more and that we need to document well their progress so that we can help others not repeat the same mistakes over & over.

The Organization

  • the Association Gaia Tasiri  (a not-for profit non-governamental organisation) has been managing this farm since it was brought in June 2006, under the name of Finca Luna (permaculture research homestead previously located in a nearby farm we rented, from January 2001) as an experimental & educational project.
  • Finca Luna is now part of an old & much larger farm which was divided and it is our dream to unite it again: the parts are on sale now or will soon be on sale (all between 40 & 140 thousand euros in value) making this an ideal site for creating a small Integral Permaculture community or eco-village (lowering consumption by modernizing existing human-built infrastructures instead of building more).    
  • We are creating a Foundation which will be the legal owner of the land, enabling residents to buy transferrable shares which give them the right of living on site as part of the 8th Life community, & corresponding stewardship responsibilities. 
  • We expect all pioneering residents to participate fully in writing up the Share-Holders' Agreement: this is part of the entry procedure, you will be sent the draft so far & asked to do some research & contribute to its completion.

The Investment

The existing property was valued 
at 155,000euros in 2010
i.e. more than trebled by conventional economy standards in 4yrs, 
although it's actual ecological & productive (real) value has increased many more times,
& now there is enormous scope for increasing this a lot more, 
with more good designers on site.

We have been working for the last few years

to divide it into 8 mini-farm shares
all sharing essential infrastructure
(living-room/library, office with high-speed internet, kitchens, workshops, tool-shed, solar showers, compost toilets, animals, etc)

now for sale at 20,000euros each
(permanent all year use or investment-only,
includes advanced permaculture training)

or holiday shares
of 2,000euros each 
(one month per year use or investment)

maximising fertility - in the Potter Garden

Permaculture is a well tried & tested holistic design science for creating sustainable environments & essential basic training for people taking on any kind of project of this kind - so it is part of our basic insurance to require every share partner to have this base to start with.

early prototype of a biomass-hidden "Hobbit Dome"

we can build your Domo 

for 3,500euros 

(4,000euros for a couple, in 
3 to 4 months)

How to be an Investor

You become an investor in the EcoVillage as soon as you make a loan to the project, giving your full name and passport number on the deposit description, paying any multiple of 2,000euros (up to 20,000euros maximum) directly into our Common Land Fund (Fondo de Tierra Común):

Our commitment is that the money from this Common Land Fund is only used for major investments into the land infrastructure (+ administration costs of the same). The Trustees of Gaia Tasiri + our accountant ensure this.  

Eg. for buying more land, improving existing infrastructures by building water-tanks, repairing terrace-walls, buildings, making earth-works, renewable energy infrastructure and the like.  Administration costs mainly consist of a 10% commission on finding new investors, as detailed in ButterflyJobs

Bank: Triodos Bank

Name of Account: Asociación Gaia Tasiri

Account Nº: 1491 0001 25 2005443615

IBAN: ES68 1491 0001 2520 0544 3615


EcoVillage Residents

EcoVillage residents are 'Internal Investors' = people who have invested money in one share - or 5months worth as a minimum = 10,000€

There is also a possibility of buying Holiday Shares at 2,000€ per month per year.

Before becoming residents (permanent or temporary) there is an entry procedure which starts with filling out THIS CONTACT form (bilingual, Spanish first, English after the *****).   

All that is described here for External Investors, apart from the minimum investment applies to EcoVillage Residents.

A more detailed Agreement is available for residents.  All who are seriously interested in participating in the eco-village are asked to contribute to this document.

External Investors

DRAFT basic agreement:

(or 'Absent Investors' = people who do not live in the EcoVillage, although they might visit or stay for holidays as arranged with the residents)

We welcome external investors, in which case you will simply "keep your money in the project" as you would keep money in a bank, but knowing that 'the bank' in this case is the earth, quite directly:  here we are only putting the 'shares money' to work on improving the fertility and economic viability of a specific piece of land and project, as described in this web and in strict accordance with permaculture design principles, ethics, directives and techniques.

The minimum investment is 2,000€ (one 'mini-share') and maximum is 20,000€ (one full 'share').   The percentage of interest gained will be proportional to the increase in productive value of the site, and this you can contribute to directly, if you wish (and to an extent proportional to your permaculture design experience), by being an active patron of the EcoVillage project.

NOTE that technically what we here call 'shares' are loans to the association (soon to the Foundation) toward the EcoVillage project, they are not stocks or securities and there is no joint stock company at present.

We use the term as described in the first definition of the wikipedia share disambiguation page To share a resource (such as food or money) is to make joint use of it; see sharing  

You can withdraw your investment at any time on condition that there is another person that wishes to buy your share at the time.    The value of the shares should increase with time, depending on the quality of the work done on the farm, external markets and the productivity of the eco-village and eco-businesses we are creating here.   

So of course your creative involvement toward those ends is encouraged, although not obligatory.   Your application will take priority should you wish to become an EcoVillage Resident, if all other usual conditions permit.

The manager of the project (until February 2013 when this position will be reviewed)  is Stefania Strega-Scoz, expert in community development & permaculture design diplomat, activist & teacher since 1995, founder member of Gaia Tasiri & Finca Luna, as well as the NodoEspiral of the Permaculture Academy & numerous other permaculture community projects, including Green Adventure, an award-winning early community transition initiative in London (1994-1999).

The management team includes Heloisa Primavera, an early Angel Investor in the project and well known expert eco-economist.  (see article she wrote below about why she invested in our EcoVillage project)

Please use the CONTACT form  to signal your interest and any questions you may have and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.