The time to apply to be a share-holder of the EcoVillage project is as soon as you're sure this is a viable option for you, because it is quite a long process.

If you feel you want to visit the project before starting the application, note there are now several ways to do this, here are some:

When To Visit the Project

We are organizing some intensive group work-visits during March, June, September & December 2012


This is all part of GaiaSis, a very multi-functional way that you can visit the site, but also, at the same time ..

  1. help to develop the EcoVillage infrastructure, during intensive work-camp groups
  2. do some express-learning in how to do a group project within Integral Permaculture parameters
  3. earn some Gaias (accepted as currency toward buying EvoVillage shares) doing important infrastructure work for the community
  4. challenge yourself on important issues like "how much am I able to create community & work in a group"?
  5. co-create a video programme! (for our own private channel in YouTube)
  6. learn all together about lots of interrelated aspects of sustainability
  7. & you get to be part of a unique multi-dimensional adventure  ...

This is a short video we did with the Permaculture Academy, to launch this new adventure, as one of the Solstice presents:


So, if you just want to visit, do enroll on one of these adventures!   
The whole process takes 3 months, with one month of briefing + one month of intensive work on site + & one month of de-briefing, as explained in the video.

For more information and how to enroll, see www.IntegralPermaCulture.com

In the Calendar section you will see the on-site work-camps will be in March, June, September & December 2012

Camping Holidays 

We are able to welcome campers in the camping-site part of the farm but usually only when we have someone willing & able to act as host on site, taking care of the camping site, meals if required, tourism enquiries, etc..  

If you choose any of the Quick Visit Options however, we can explain how everything works as part of the tour, & after that as we will know each other a little & you will know the site quite well, you are welcome to stay on if you wish, for a few more days or weeks.

The camping site is fully self-catering, 10€ per night (option 3) includes 1 night stay), bring own tent & accessories, the best season for camping is between late march & early october - although some people have managed to brave the cold (at night) in the winter season.   Depends how hardy you are!  We are at 650m above sea-level, so it gets chilly at night in winter, although it's pleasantly warm when sunny during the day, which is most of the time)

If you are interested in this option please send us dates you would like to visit, tell us something about the people who wish to come, what you hope to get out of your visit, to do when you are here, etc., so we can better help you achieve your aims.

Shorter Visits

From February 2012, because there seems to be a demand for this, we're introducing some options for shorter visits, see next page:  Quick Visit Options

Also see the 1) WHY   &   4) WHO  pages