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A unique opportunity to invest in a healthy future: 
for you, for your family, for future generations
& for all species

View looking west to the Atlantic Ocean

The Reason > WHY

The first & most important page to read here is the WHY page.   

We believe 
that working to 
build soil,
restore ecosystems, 
heal our addictions,
change organizational structures
of the global economy
& learn to live in community
starting locally ...
are the 
most important & urgent
jobs to do 

If you are clear for yourself that supporting the transition of
our destructive society to a sustainable world
is  your first priority
you will love this 
& we are looking 
for you.

... as well as a big social re-design

Interview with a Founder Member

Thanks Taco for making this movie!

An interview with Stella Strega about Integral Permaculture, the new EcoVillage project they are setting up and why it is crucial we design for a creative, energy descent. 

We talk about the end of cheap oil, how our privileged lives in the west are connected to wars & the destruction of ecosystems, why the high rate of (western) ecovillage-project failures & what we can do about it. 

Also we discuss how we need to unlearn much of what we have been indoctrinated with in our industrialized societies, in order to make these transition initiatives work.

The Vision > HOW

Re-populating an ancient farming hamlet* with 15-25 people 
(starting with a smaller group of 8 on existing site),
committed to using the best wisdom we have to date
to co-create a sustainable 
& healthy community or eco-village 
enjoying the adventure of learning how to live
productively & in harmony with each other, 
with the land, with the local cultures
& with all other species, 
forming one of the thousands of important 
post-industrial Leaver settlements
we need in order to Transition
to a truly sustainable, just & humane economy, 
culture & future.

Finca Luna - the farm we already own - is surrounded by 5 other properties currently for sale which used to comprise one large (& very well designed) farm.   The vision is to buy up these other farms with the new share-holders' capital, & join up the land under a Foundation (land owned by the Foundation with share-holders having full permanent right of use) as a base of the EcoVillage.

HOW in more detail:

With NodoEspiral of the Permaculture Academy
we are working to develop
a comprehensive & detailed 
Manual for Sustainability:
and it is on this theory & models
(the best tested ones we know of to date)
that we are basing the
global design of this 

We're working on our mini-vision movie!  For now, enjoy this more general one ...

The Land > WHAT

  • our priority so far has been to raise the fertility, plant-cover & biodiversity of the land for the first 5 years of stewardship work here (we have not done the usual which is to put most initial resources into human comforts, so note that accommodation is very basic still, for this reason)
  • of the trees, many are mature & already fruit-bearing - many almonds, oranges, lemon, nisperos, cactus-fruit, pears, plums, figs, chestnuts.  The area is famous for its abundance of almonds which apart from the great harvest, create a unique spectacle of almonds in flower during january-march (not to be missed!)
  • we have added many trailing vines for shade & food, like passion-fruit & vines & we have also been increasing the biodiversity greatly with autoctonous species of herbs, trees & bushes
  • we have also planted a great number of new fruit trees in that time, like walnut, avocado, mandarin, apple, chirimoyo, banana, olive, sharon-fruit, carob, acacias, tagasaste, mango, date-palms, dragos, papaya, guayaba, mulberry, quince & tomatillo, all with full watering structures in place

a young guayaba tree

The People > WHO

Note that it is the People-Care aspect of this project which is unique & we are interested in hearing from people who much more excited about this, rather than the exotic location, as their main motivation for joining us.

So it is now a requirement that prospective members have taken at least this first module of the Integral Permaculture course in order to be included in the internal design process we're carrying out, which is all thoroughly documented on private wikis.  See below (WHEN).

See WHO page to see who started this

There are 5 share-holders at the moment, two of us living permanently
on site, soon to be joined by another 3.

the large open-air kitchen from the side

WHEN to Join or Visit us

This depends on what you may wish to achieve with a visit:

1) After August 2012 the camping-site will be up & running so you will be able  to stay to relax, enjoy the countryside & use this as a base to explore the Island.   
This is ideal if you want to be a tourist & just enjoy the scenery.   Also if you want to help out occasionally & get an idea of the lifestyle we lead, if you stay longer times.     
It is not useful however if you want to find out about the project (we don't commit to giving a tour or explanations to anyone who visits - it takes a lot of time & is very repetitive for us, unless we organize it as in option 2) -  it's ideal if  just if you want to see the physical place it is located in.

2) If you want to visit in order to -
  • get to know the project better, 
  • but aren't interested in joining the EcoVillage project or don't want to wait to do option 3 (our ideal, for interested people), & 
  • you would like some tours of the future EcoVillage site 
  • with a history of the project, 
  • to ask questions, 
  • talk face to face, etc. 
then there are a few other options which are explored in the Quick Visit Options.    

3) For people who are seriously interested in joining the project, we ask that you first do some in-depth research in order to establish whether this project would be really suitable for you, before jumping to a visit.  
We have put a lot of information on the web in order to facilitate this (and because we don't particularly enjoy repeating the same things over & over). 
We enjoy very much welcoming prospective eco-village members that we have already got to know quite well, so we prefer that you visit when we invite you, after becoming a student of the PDC+ Course (ideally after completing Module1, the PeopleCare manual that we use for this project), if you are quite sure you want to live in an eco-village (whether it's this one or another more suitable one we can help you find).  See the "Why the Training" page for more detail on this.

The Site > WHERE

Note we do not publish our address nor give it to people we don't know yet because this is our home, & we value having intimacy & safety for our family.  

  • Beautiful 10,000 sq.m organic farm (that the Association already owns: much more available in buying surrounding property)
  • with spectacular views of ocean & mountains
  • very fertile land, many fruit & nut trees planted 
  • & large gardens (already organized into a year-rotation chicken-tractor system, with irrigation, etc.)
  • all in a very green, natural area with ideal climate for fast & abundant bio-production
  • at 10mins walk from village square (a small village, population circa 200, but complete with playground in plaza, shop, church, bar-restaurant, bus-stop, cyber-shop)

Vesta garden chooks

  • 200 sq.m of small structures of which:
  • 16sq.m stone tool shed - newly restored
  • 33sq.m stone house (currently library & office) with vine-shaded patio
  • 35,5sq.m stone house & animal shed to restructure (currently storage & carpentry shed)
  • rest are light open structures: large kitchen, solar shower, compost toilets
  • 2sq.m  brick washing machine house
  • 16sq.m stone deep water tank supplied with pure spring water (ideal for water-culture & future dipping-pool to multi-function with water-storage, several other large water deposits available in surrounding properties)
  • there is also regular 'tap' or council water supply
  • main-line electricity supply
  • good (reliable) ADSL internet connection
  • very good neighbours in quiet neighbourhood
  • stunning views & beautiful peaceful location 
  • near good public transport

there are a lot of tomatillo trees on the site

The First Step

If you think you might be interested in joining this EcoVillage project, the first step is to join us on this journey.   (Note that the starting date has changed from the one given in the video:  we now stop off to pick up new students wherever & whenever they are :)

See WHEN section, above, for links.

The cost of the course is discounted from the share cost, should you later buy a share of the EcoVillage, as this is essential training required of all share-holders.