What Can I do? - STOP the Lawrence Land Grab!


You can make a difference.  Please join with us and help to preserve what is wonderful about Lawrence, Kansas!
  • Share this link!  Send it in emails to others, post it to every site that you can.  Few people in Douglas County/Lawrence even have a clue that events unfolding now, are setting us up for higher taxes and downtown blight in the near future!
  • Email or write a letter to the  Planning Commissioners Tell them that you are VERY OPPOSED to revisions to Horizon 2020 which will substantially alter its original intent. 
  • Contact the Planning Department staff and request that they keep you informed of how the draft changes to Horizon 2020 evolve.
  • Go to the hearings and give a statement. or at least just be there to offer support for those who are speaking out.  A good crowd for these hearings sends a message.
  • Talk with your neighbors, friends and even strangers you meet about this issue.  Urge them to get involved.
  • Get this site linked to as many other sites as possible.  This will help our site show up better in the search engines.  But in order for this to be MOST effective, link to the address in the white box at the top of any page.  That is, use the address that begins with: http://Farmersturnpike.googlepages.com
  • Print out information for people about this issue using this easier to remember address: www.Lawrencelandgrab.com  and hand it to people, post on bulletin boards and leave in cofee shops.  You can print this page.
  • Make a donation to the Scenic Riverway Community Association to assist with the legal challenge of the City Commission's actions.  Make the check out to SRCA and mail it to:    Stan Unruh
                1826 E. 900 Rd
                Lawrence, KS 66049