Sector Plan --STOP the land Grab!


Northwest Sector Plan for Horizon 2020

On November 17, 2008  the Planning Commission approved the sector plan (covering about 4000 acres) as shown below.  The "L" shaped black outline below shows the Northwest Sector, as described in Horizon 2020.  Most of this area is currently county land and is zoned either rural residential or agricultural.  On Dec 9, the City Commission will vote on whether to approve this plan. you can view the sector plan and corresponding maps at the following link  :sector plan  (download the agenda packet for 12-02-08 and go to pages 107-158.)  The Planning Commission voted for option 1, (endorsed by developers) but option 2 was more in line with that proposed by concerned citizens to better maintain much of the rural character of the area while still giving the city the industrial/office acreage it is looking for.

Here is the option that would be preferred by the Scenic Riverway Community Association:

Please be sure to attend the Dec 9, city commission meeting to voice your concern with these plans.  If you cannot attend, please send letters or emails to members of the city commission.  You can find their contact information here.