Pictures -- STOP the Land Grab

The area around this proposed industrial development is some of the most picturesque in Douglas County.    It is also the first thing that anyone coming to Lawrence or Lecompton from the West sees as they travel I-70.

As you can see from the pictures to the right, although the 155 acres in question is currently zoned agricultural, it is surrounded by homes on all four sides.  (see the maps for locations of these homes relative to the site)  Good planning does not put heavy industrial sites that are potentially smelly, noisy and polluting in residential neighborhoods.

                                               Here is what the proposed industrial area looks like from its eastern boundary.



This is the parcel adjacent to the proposed site along its western boundary.  A row of homes sits along its western edge.  (You can barely see the roof of one)


Here is what some of those homes look like:


Here are some of the properties immediately adjacent along the Northern edge of the proposed site:

Below are the properties adjacent to the proposed indsutrial site along its eastern edge.  You have to look very carefully to see the homes -- privacy is obvsiously part of the attraction for those who buy or build here.

Below are additonal photos taken in this neighborhood.  About 300 residences will be impacted if this property becomes an industrial development.