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(L-R Trista Signe Ainsworth, Serena Sue Johnston, Kimberly Ann Johnston)

Trista Signe Ainsworth - She is a part-time English as a Second Language Instructor at Clackamas Community College.  She has enjoyed baking since she was a little girl and always dreamed of having a baking business.  She is mostly self taught and enjoys reading cookbooks all the time.  She even bakes for fun during her free time.

Serena Sue Johnston - She is a part time adult basic skills instructor at Clackamas Community College.  When her daughter Trista and son Stuart were growing up she enjoyed baking homemade breads and other delights for their meals.  She loves coming up with new recipes and ideas as she is very creative.

Kimberly Ann Johnston - She is a full time student at Clackamas Community College.  She has always enjoyed baking and received training at a Portland, Oregon institute.  She is very detail oriented and makes all of our baked goods beautiful as she frosts and glazes many of our baked goods with her artistry.