Welcome to the Activators, we are a small but growing co-op. We have the chief conspiracy theorists here but we believe in trying to help players to understand the game a little bit better. In the end we want all players to be safe and to enjoy the game. The name of the co-op came from a bi-cycle that I was repairing a Raleigh ACTIVATOR, one of the first mountain bikes with dual suspension. 
There are a few tips for players within the co-op, please try to have a read of the tips section. I will be adding more later. We would like, where possible, for players on line to try and participate with collecting/adding for projects/research. Researches are completed to allow the members of the co-op to earn better rewards, so every player benefits. Projects are completed so that the co-op gains points and hopefully move up the co-op rankings, this shows that we are working as a team and shows others who may wish to join that we are a good co-op.
 this is where he had his head down so that i could stroke his head, he was looking a bit scruffy on his underparts