In-Home Personalized Dog Sitting

Effective January 1, 2014

$35 per day

additional dogs(s), same family $10 per day


Hotel style pricing:  Day of arrival is one day.  Check out by 10:00 a.m. to not be charged for an additional day.

Pick-up or Drop-off: $20


It is a farm, sometimes we get dirty! $15 for a bath prior to pick-up

Reservations: Dates can be held without a deposit unless another request for those dates is made. At that time a 50% non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm your reservation. Changes to confirmed dates will result in loss of deposit for unused days.



  Ask Questions - Set Up a Meet & Greet - Make a Reservation

Licensed & Insured

See below under Attachments for the Guest Contract

Big or small, young or old,
your dog will love their own vacation...
...down on the farm 

Why Down on the Farm?



In-Home, Kennel Free Boarding - I usually accept only one client at a time, so your dog(s) will have my full attention during their stay in my home. I do my best to duplicate their normal routine while adding the fun of new friends and surroundings.

The “Dog Blog” – Your dog(s) will give you updates on the website with their own blog and pictures.

All inclusive rates – Competitive pricing with no set pick up or drop off times. No additional charges for feeding special diets, administering medication or our daily walk.

 All the comforts of home – If they sleep on your bed at home, they can  sleep on the bed here too! I do ask that your bring their normal diet. You may also bring their favorite toys, crate, special blanket or bed. Or they can raid Puddin's toy box, sleep on one of our comfy beds or use one of our crates if they like. 

Daily walks - We are situated on a working farm with miles of private trails for walking, ponds for swimming and lots of room to run.

Specialized Care - One client at a time also means that I am able to care for dogs with medical or physical needs and I also accept some dogs with “unique” personality traits. As long as I am confident that everyone will be safe and enjoy their stay. Example: I have a regular client that loves cats, (They taste just like chicken!) and will harm them if possible. He still chases other cats but has accepted mine as part of his pack while he’s here.


Less stress, for you and your dog - I’ve had clients say it’s like taking your kids to

Grandma’s house, others that it’s more like summer camp. Your dog will have routine & structure but also have tons of fun and be spoiled…but not rotten! Owners worry that their dog’s wont want to go home. That’s only happened once, and Cooper did want to go home, he was just too tired to get in the car!