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80% Notebook, homework, classwork, and experiments.

You will do assignments online, which you will turn in digitally.  For binder, ou must set aside a place for physics work. You will take notes, do problems, take data, and write important things.  You will keep it all in order by keeping a table of contents with page numbers.  The agenda for the day will tell you what page you should be on and I'll remind you often, don't worry.  You will turn the latest notebook packet in about every two weeks.

10% Quizzes

You will take quizzes on most Fridays.  You can use your notes on the quiz, so keeping good notes is a great way to do well in the class.  The questions will be similar to questions we have worked throughout the week.

10 % Tests

Tests will be given every month.  Tests are closed notes.  You will be given all the equations you need.  You don't have to memorize equations.  Problems will be right off the quizzes (changed a little) so have your quizzes corrected and in your notes.

4/10 or 40% On any grade means it has not been turned in yet. Not that they didn't do it. They all do their work.

Class Rules

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Class Rules

No games.  You are here to learn. You will be in front of the computer often, but you are not to play any games unless the assignment is to play a game.  And yes, we will play some educational games!

Food and drinks at tables only.  Nothing near computers!  No gum, no seeds, no drinks, no candy, nothing.  Ants come and litterbugs leave wrappers all over.

No put downs or rudeness.  My classes are happy, comfortable, and relaxed places for everyone.  If you need to spread negativity you will be dealt with according to the SLUSD discipline policy.  If you don't feel happy and welcome here, let me know and I'll fix it.

Tardiness is a bad idea.  Most of the teaching and what you are going to do in this class comes in the first 5 to 10 minutes of class.  If you miss any of this, you will be lost and not know what to do.  I'll still help you, but I have 30 students to help and they were here on time.

Keep your computer and area clean.  I always have paper and spray to clean your area and computer.  Use it.  We will clean the computers and tables once a week as a class but you don't know what that kids was doing in his nose last period.  Clean yours well and keep your wires arranged, not tied in knots.

Headphones on for music.

Yes, you may listen to music while working, but I don't want to hear it.  Keep your headphones on your ears, not on your neck or the top of your head while the music is blasting.  I shouldn't hear it and your neighbor shouldn't be annoyed by it either.  And don't spend 10 minutes setting up your playlist.

Good grades come to those who think and put effort into their work.  Getting it done is not enough.  You will get a D for just going through the motions and getting it done.  Put some thought and creativity into you work and your grade will be higher.  Don't cheat!  Copiers and cheaters will be given a zero on their assignment and once I know you're a cheater, I'm looking at everything you do very closely.

Things You Need For Class

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Welcome to SLHS Physics with Mr. Farley

This is going to be a great year and you are going to learn a lot and have fun as well.  There's a few things you need for this class:

1. A binder.

Any binder will do, just make a section for your physics work in it and bring it to class every day.  You will take notes and do assignments in your binder.  Every couple weeks, you will take out what you have done and turn it in to be graded.

2. A scientific calculator.

You don’t need anything fancy.  No graphing or any of that.  Just a cheap scientific calculator.  Make sure it says scientific.   You should see Sin, Cos, Tan keys along with x2 and other keys you may or may not know about.  You need this and you need it every day.  Buy one of those plastic pouches for your binder and put it in there or just make sure it's in your backpack.

3. A Pencil!

You need to be able to write every day so bring a pencil.

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