Newton's Second Law Comic

posted Oct 20, 2015, 1:29 PM by Tony Farley   [ updated Oct 22, 2015, 1:21 PM ]

Create a  9 square comic strip about Newton's Second Law.

Open the Application Comic Life and find a template that has 9 squares.

Square 1: Title, definition, and image of Newton's Second Law.  Also, put your name on it somewhere.

Square 2: The is about most famous equation in physics, F = ma. Create the equation with comic text and explain what each variable is.

Start with net force and put two equal pullers on both sides of the cart. Show the Sum of Forces and the Values.  Screen shot this and create a square. Explain the forces and the resulting motion and acceleration of the cart. (you did this last week so you should still have the screenshot)

Square 4: Sum of Forces nonzero. Show the simulation when the sum of the forces is nonzero, explain the math, and explain what happens to the cart.

Square 5: F=ma with a 50 N force on a cart. Apply a 50 N force by clicking the arrow once. Screenshot this, post it in your document and explain what happens to the speed as time passes. Also, explain how this shows Newton's Second Law. Be sure you use the words "mass, force, and acceleration" correctly.

Square 6: Friction. Show and explain what friction does when you apply a small force that results in zero acceleration. Explain the numbers.

Square 7Friction. Show and explain what friction does when you apply a large force that results in non-zero acceleration. Explain the numbers.

Square 8: Acceleration. Increase the applied force so the glass of water accelerates. Explain the numbers.

Square 9: Negative Acceleration. Wait until the person falls and there is no applied force, just friction. Explain what direction the Sum of the forces points and what the acceleration of the cup is.

If you have time do this, but don't worry if you don't get to it. We'll do it Monday.:

Now Export your comic as an image with File > Export > Export to Image(s).

Name it and choose jpeg as the type. BE SURE TO CHOOSE WHERE IT GOES!

You should now have a folder with an image in it. Post this to your Motion page as a new post called Newton's Second Law Comic.