Cosmos: Hiding the light Infographic

posted May 11, 2016, 9:58 PM by Tony Farley   [ updated May 12, 2016, 11:39 AM ]

 Go to and sign up for a free account. Create an infographic with as many the questions from Hiding the Light as you can. Shoot for at least six.

1. Begin by clicking the Create a design button.

2. Then find "Infographic" under Blogging & eBooks

3. Choose any of the designs and alter it to provide information from Hiding the Light.

Remember that you can use Google to search for images that have transparency by using the search tools:

You don't have to, but it looks better on an infographic sometimes.

4. When finished, press the download button, save as a web image, and post this image to your website. CREATE A NEW ANNOUNCEMENTS PAGE CALLED "WAVES" and post this image as a post to this page.

Here are the questions in case you lost them:

1. What does science need to flourish?________________________________________________________________ and why do dictators not like science? ______________________________________________

2. What was one of the original languages of science? ___________________

3. Light moves _______________________________

4. What did Galileo use to discover the universe? ___________________________

5. Hershel discovered what kind of light? ___________________________

6. The distance between adjacent waves is called ____________________________

7. A long pipe makes __________________________________.  A short pipe makes _______________________________________.

8. Just like the wavelength of sound determines the ______________ that we hear, the wavelength of light determines the _________________ we see.

9. Inside a prism, each color moves at ___________________________.

10. What is the most plentiful and simplest atom in the universe? ____________________________

11. When you look at the spectrum of starlight, you can see what? __________________________________________________________

12. Spectral lines revealed that everything in the universe is made _____________________________.

13. List some types of light ____________________________, ________________________,