Black Holes

posted Jan 26, 2016, 7:04 AM by Tony Farley   [ updated Jan 29, 2016, 12:07 PM ]

Today we will be studying Black Holes by using the following website:

Create an 9 square comic about black holes.

Here are the slides or squares you need to create.  Each one must have an image as well as text.  Use Command-Shift-4 and drag your mouse over the image to take a screenshot of it.  The picture will appear on your desktop.  Just drag it into Comic Life.

Square 1: Title with an image and YOUR NAME, a picture of a black hole, and large text saying Black Holes.

Square 2: What is a Black Hole?  Provide a picture and an answer that has the question in it: A Black Hole is … (the home page or the encyclopedia will give you this info).

Square 3: Go to Journey to a Black Hole and find three objects in the sky that have black holes by moving the thing that says "MOVE ME".  It will tell you in the info about the object.  List three things places you find black holes, include a picture of a black hole. 

Your next three slides will be about these three objects.

Square 4: Create a square about the first of the objects that has a black hole in it.  Click More Info to find out what is it?  Include a picture of it and text explaining what it is.

Square 5: Create a square about another of the objects that has a black hole in it.  What is it calles and what is it? Include a picture of it.

Square 6: Create a square about the third object that has a black hole in it.  What is it called and what is it? Include a picture of it.

Click Take a Journey by clicking “Begin Your Voyage” on the bottom right and go to Cygnus X-1.

Square 7: What is Cygnus X-1 and What kind of light does it shine brightly in?

Square 8: Get up close to Cygnus X-1 and explain what it looks like and why.

Square 9: Anything cool about black holes.

When you are done, save it.  You will add to it tomorrow.

Added Stuff:

Open your comic and select Page > New Blank Page.  Or, just start a new comic.

Find a seven square pattern to use for the following seven squares.

Slide 1: What is the Event Horizon of a black hole?  Include an image.

Slide 2: What is the equation for the Event Horizon of a Black Hole?  Do a search or use Alpha.

Slide 3: What happens if you fall into a black hole?

Slide 4: Hawking radiation: Explain it and include an image.  Google it or look it up with Alpha.

Slide 5: What is a wormhole? Explain what it is and include an image. Google it or look it up with Alpha.

Slide 6: Gravitational Lens.  Find an image showing how gravitational lensing works.  Explain how it works in the text.

Slide 7: Gravitational Lens: Find a real image from a telescope of a gravitational lens and explain what is shown in the picture.

Post to your website:

  1. Click the Export to Web button or take a screenshot of each comic page.
  2. Create a new announcements page called Astrophysics.
  3. Create a New Post and put both pages of your comic into it.
  4. Write a short paragraph discussing some of the things you learned about black holes.