Analyzing Egg Drop

posted Nov 6, 2015, 3:17 PM by Tony Farley   [ updated Nov 10, 2015, 1:09 PM ]
You can do this with your team if only one of you have the videos on your computer.

1. Drag your drop videos to the desktop. If you don't have the videos or you don't have good videos, use the videos here for this assignment.

2. Find and open Logger Pro.

3. Insert > Movie  and select the one of your drop videos.

4. Move the movie timer until right when you drop.

5. Click the "enable video analysis" button on the bottom right of the movie.

6. Click the crosshair button on the top right.

7. Click on a consistent place on your egg drop container for every frame until it hits.

8. Click the "set scale" button and drag a line from the top to the bottom of the ruler or rulers. Then tell the program what that distance is.
The bridge is 6.3 meters from top to bottom.

9. Drag your data columns large and cut the x column out of there because it just messes everything up (rt. click it and Delete Column). or don't. just ignore the x motion.

10. Take a screenshot of your data and your drop video all in one shot.

11. Note the final velocity of your egg. This is it's velocity right before it hit the ground.

12. Calculate the acceleration of your egg as it dropped. Do this for each drop.

13. Do this for all four drops and put your results in a google doc.

14. Find the acceleration of gravity and compare your results with this. Why would yours be different? Answer this in your document for each drop! If it is not close, try to figure out why. Some things that may happen: you may have measured past the bounce. You may have a lot of camera movement that messes up your measurements. You may have an egg container that has a lot of wind resistance that slows your egg down (this is a good thing).

15. Share your paper with otherwise I can't see it.

16.  Enter your team names and a link to your document in this form.

Write a Paper!
Just open your document from yesterday and alter it/add these sections. Share it with your team mates so everyone can work on it!

1. Introduction: Go back to your document and write a short introduction. Explain what you did and why.

2. Measurements: Show your screenshots.

3. Calculations: Show a representative calculation (not all).  List your measurements.  Put your final velocities and accelerations here. INCLUDE THE CORRECT UNITS! m/s2 for acceleration.

4. Results: Discuss your results. You did this in #14 above.

5. Conclusion: Discuss the experiment, the results, and how you will make design your 3D printed Egg Drop Container.