Fario Flyfishing Club is a West Flemish fly fishing club with its own trout water located in Lichtervelde. This clubwater has a rich population of trout, conch, roach, large predator and large pike (1.15 m) and is available free of charge to our members.

Fario originated on July 15, 1980. In this period the fly fishing in our region got more and more interest. Because of the increasing interest some people felt called to join as a fly fisherman and that is how our club came into being very modestly. Meanwhile, we have become one of the largest and oldest fly fishing clubs that our country is rich. At the moment, under the impulse of our chairman Norbert Paesbrugge, we have a busy activity calendar. Fario organizes all sorts of activities throughout the year such as: a private club championship, open house and exchange day, youth sports days, club outings, information evenings, smoking evenings, ham on the spit, rod building, throwing lessons etc.

  1. Spreading and developing fly fishing.
  2. Drafting regulations with a view to improving sportsmanship and skills 
    among  fly fishermen.
  3. Participate in competitions organized by Belgian and foreign associations.
  4. Organizing angling expeditions at home and abroad.

  5. Fighting and denouncing poaching and polluting watercourses.

  6. Protecting and maintaining natural biotopes in all fishing waters.
  7. To develop the sense of nature and life in the open air and the practice of sport.

What does Fario Flyfishing Club offers you:
  1. Fario offers you the opportunity to fish every day on a NO-KILL and FLY ONLY
    Fario teaches you how to make artificial flies and informs you when purchasing 
    the necessary rod and binding material. 
    Fario provides its own magazine that appears four times a year. 
    Fario keeps you informed on a regular basis via newsletters and consults his 
    members at a general members meeting. 
    Fario joins all its members to Federatie Vlaamse Vliegvissers and also offers angling insurance linked to this membership.

What costs a Fario membership in 2019: 

We have always tried to place fly fishing within everyone's reach and therefore present a democratic price tag.

Members who use our club water pay € 200 per year. Your wife or spouse can join for € 60, children up to 16 years for € 60 and from 16 to 18 years for € 110. Members who do not use our club water pay € 60.

Day permits, only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays costs € 25. The person who wishes to use a day license is obliged to notify by telephone on one of the following numbers: 051/503854 or 0476/384138

 You can also purchase a ticket for 5 fishings (only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays). You pay € 100 for this.

If the holder of a day license later decides to become a member, then one day permit can be recuperated when paying the membership at Fario Flyfishing Club Club

The person purchasing a day license must always be accompanied by a member of Fario Flyfishing Club (a godfather). The latter guarantees that the local regulations are known to the licensee. If the applicant does not have a godfather, a board member can act as a godfather if he happens to be present at the club water on that day (but by appointment).

The two weekends following the date on which the trout is free, no day permits are given, just like the days on which matches are scheduled to the club water.clubwater.

Clubrekening: Fintrobank: BE 50-1431-0526-5818 t.a.v. Fario Flyfishing Club

Rekeningnummer voor overschrijvingen uit het buitenland.

Nieuw rekeningnummer Fintrobank:

IBAN: BE 50-1431-0526-5818