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     I'm a database researcher and love working on challenging real world problems. Currently I work with the Human Brain Project for managing brain simulation data.

      My research focuses on designing scalable multi-dimensional data access methods, particularly for spatio-temporal workloads. I'm also working on projects related to distributed joins, time series compression and graph processing. 

     I'm a Ph.D. candidate about to graduate (March 2014) from EPFL Switzerland. Supervised by Prof. Anastasia Ailamaki (DIAS) and co-supervised by Prof. Henry MarkramI'm applying for full time positions. Download my resume below:

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OCTOPUS: Efficient Query Execution on Dynamic Mesh Datasets.
Farhan Tauheed, Thomas Heinis, Felix Shurmann, Henry Markram, Anastasia Ailamaki.
30th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). Chicago, USA, 2014
(To Appear)

TOUCH: In-Memory Spatial Join by Hierarchical Data-Oriented Partitioning.
Sadegh Nobari, Farhan Tauheed, Thomas Heinis, Panagiotis Karras, Stephane Bressan, Anastasia Ailamaki.
ACM Proceedings of Special Interest Group on Management of Data (SIGMOD). New York City, USA, 2013

SCOUT: Structure Aware Prefetching for Latent Feature Following Queries.
Farhan Tauheed, Thomas Heinis, Felix Shurmann, Henry Markram, Anastasia Ailamaki.
38th International Conference on Very Large Databases. (PVLDB). Istanbul, Turkey, 2012
Accelerating Range Queries for Brain Simulations.
Farhan Tauheed, Laurynas Biveinis, Thomas Heinis, Felix Shurmann, Henry Markram, Anastasia Ailamaki.
28th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE). Washington DC, USA, 2012


28th Feb, 2014:   Yes! defended my Ph.D. Thesis!
3rd Jan, 2014:      Invited Talk at Nestle Research NIHS, Switzerland
13th Dec, 2013:   PC Member of BPOE-4 Workshop, co-located with ASPLOS 2014
16th Nov, 2013:   Invited Talk at CWI, Amsterdam.
15th Oct, 2013:    YAY! Accepted paper: ICDE 2014, Chicago, USA.
8th Sep, 2013:      Expert Panelist on XLDB 2013, Stanford Campus, USA.
26th Aug, 2013:   Attending VLDB 2013, Riva-del-garda Italy.
10th July, 2013:    Accepted paper: ADBIS 2013, in Genova, Italy.
28th June, 2013:   Attending: Big Data Analytics Workshop at IBM Watson, USA. 
25th June, 2013:   Presenting: SIGMOD 2013, at NYC, USA.
28th May, 2013:   Presenting demo: XLDB 2013, at CERN Geneva, Switzerland.
18th Mar, 2013:    Presenting demo: EDBT 2013, at Genova, Italy.
1st Mar, 2013:      Accepted paper: SSDBM 2013, in Baltimore, USA.
15th Feb, 2013:    Accepted paper: SIGMOD 2013, in NYC, USA.
15th Oct, 2012:    Human Brain Project becomes billion euro European Flagship project.