Mohammed Farhan Shareef


The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio - BS Computer Science and Engineering with specialization in Information Assurance/Security and Software Engineering, June 2012

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio - BS in Psychology with a minor in Strategic Communications, August 2007


Network Administrator,
Zenith Academy;
Columbus, Ohio
(December 2011 to Present)

Design, support, maintain, and evaluate network system, including computer labs, network servers, and web-server. Maintain employee and student network accounts. Design internal network applications as needed. Perform other related duties as assigned.

Data and Records Manager,
Zenith Academy;
Columbus, Ohio
(September 2009 to November 2011)

Prepare financial and student quarterly audit reports (valued at ~$1,500,000 each). Manage school accounts receivables, financial records, and new student records. Assist in training of new administrative employees. Design school district policies to meet Ohio Department of Education standards. Edit grant proposals for school funding.

  • Transitioned previous assistant director's responsibilities to new assistant director
  • Trained new assistant director in school policies and administrative procedures
  • Assisted in the creation of Zenith Academy East and its administration
  • Completed 9 ODE audits, 5 sponsor audits, and 11 internal audits successfully

Business Development Associate,
Mufeed Payment Solutions;
Columbus, Ohio
(July 2009 to September 2009)

Present service solutions to potential clients. Provide clients assistance and training with new products. Educate businesses about credit card processing. Assist businesses in reducing credit card processing charges.

  • Expanded client base in two entirely new markets
  • Initiated contacts with 100+ potential clients

Law Clerk,
Law Offices of Eric J. Hoffman;
Columbus, Ohio
(January 2008 to May 2008)

Prepare motions, entries, and demand letters for personal injury, juvenile, and  criminal cases. Facilitate communication with clients.

  • Increased monthly revenue by 10% by restructuring corporate workflow


Information Security: Android Trojan Worm (Spring 2011)
Description: Android application demonstrating platform vulnerabilities using social engineering concepts. Role: Java front-end developer.
Challenges: Design a simple GUI and obscure the installation process to hide the true function of the program.

Software Engineering: Enterprise-Level Software Project Proposal for Small Law Firm (Summer 2011)
Description: Construct enterprise software architecture and deployment method for office administration and document management for a small law firm based in Columbus.
Roles: Architect, Component Engineer, System Analyst, Use Case Engineer
Challenges: Develop an IT solution that is lightweight, low-cost, and simple to use for non-technical users.

Web-Services Capstone: Cloud-Based Synchronization (Fall 2011), Best Capstone Project Autumn 2011
Description: Functional Delights, LLC wanted to integrate cloud-based synchronization for their task-management application, SeizeTheDay.
Roles: Architect, System Analyst, Use Case Engineer
Challenges: Implement a solution without making any significant alterations to the original code. Implement alternate methods of synchronization, if using the iCloud APIs would require significant changes to the original code-base.

Programming Languages: Simple Common Lisp Interpreter (Spring 2011)
Description: An interpreter for Paul Graham's Common Lisp using a stack-based virtual machine created in Java. Challenges: Represent Lisp instructions as data on a stack, then execute the data stack, while optimizing running time.

Numerical Analysis: Simple 3D Renderer (Winter 2011)
Description: 3D renderer applying numerical methods of computer precision and algorithm optimization developed in C. Challenge: Construct algorithms to optimize running times for displaying 3D objects given a set of coordinates.

Personal Projects

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Task Manager
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Project Manager
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Math Education Tool
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