Farhana Murtaza Choudhury
PhD student
School of Computer  Science and Information Technology (CSIT)
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia 

My research interests are in the fields of Spatial-textual Databases, Big Data, and Location Based Services. I am a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Timos Sellis and Dr. Shane Culpepper since March, 2014. My project involves spatial and textual databases, particularly query processing and indexing methods. 

I have completed my bachelor's degree in CSE from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) in 2013. During my senior year, I worked with Dr. Mohammed Eunus Ali in Spatial Databases. This research resulted in an ICDE 2013 paper and the Best Undergraduate Thesis Award of the department that year. I am motivated to learn more in these fields and now trying to explore further.

Publications (see details)
  • Monitoring the Top-m Rank Aggregation of Spatial Objects in Streaming Queries (New)
Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, Zhifeng Bao, J. Shane Culpepper, and Timos Sellis
Accepted in ICDE, 2017.
         Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, J. Shane Culpepper, Timos Sellis, and Xin Cao
          In Proc. of the VLDB Endow. vol. 9(6): 456-467, 2016.
          (Access an extended version of the paper here)  
Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Sarah Masud, Suman Nath, and Ishat E. Rabban
In the Journal of Information Systems, vol. 42: 89-106, 2014. 
Sarah Masud, Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, Mohammed Eunus Ali, and Sarana Nutanong
In Proc. of the 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), pp. 637-6482013.
Hasan Shahid Ferdous, Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, Md. Rashidujjaman Rifat, and Shubrami Moutushy
In Proc. of the 15th International Conference on Computer and Information Technology (ICCIT), pp. 417-422, 2012.
Sarah Masud, Monjura Afrin, Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, and Syed Ishtiaque Ahmed
1st International Workshop on Advances in Computational Social Science, in conjunction with 12th International Conference on Computational Science (ICCS), vol. 9, pages 1416-1425, Elsevier, 2012.

Award for Research (see details)
  • 1st prize, Best Undergraduate Thesis Award, Department of CSE, BUET.
  • ICDE-13 Travel Award to attend 29th  IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), Australia, 2013.
  • Google Student Travel Grant of USD 3000 to attend 29th IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), Australia, 2013.