Farhana Murtaza Choudhury
Early Career Development Fellow
School of Science (Computer  Science and Information Technology)
RMIT University 
Melbourne, Australia 


I am a Lecturer (Early Career Development Fellow) at RMIT University in the School of Science (Computer Science and Information Technology) since September, 2017. I am affiliated with the RMIT - NICTA Data Analytics Lab and the Information Storage and Retrieval (ISAR) Research Group ran by Professor Mark Sanderson.

My current work focuses on Spatial and Spatial-textual Databases, Big Data, Social network, and Streaming query processing. My PhD supervisors are Prof. Timos Sellis and Dr. Shane Culpepper. See my resume and list of publications for details. 

Notable Publications (see details)
  • VizQ: A System for Scalable Processing of Visibility Queries in 3D Spatial Databases (Demo track) 
          Arif Arman, Kaysar Abdullah, Mohammed Eunus Ali, and Farhana Murtaza Choudhury
          Accepted in CIKM, 2017
Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, Zhifeng Bao, J. Shane Culpepper, and Timos Sellis
In Proc. of ICDE, pp. 585-596, 2017.
         Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, J. Shane Culpepper, Timos Sellis, and Xin Cao
          In Proc. of the Very Large DataBases (VLDB) Endow. vol. 9(6): 456-467, 2016.
          (Access an extended version of the paper here)  
Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, Mohammed Eunus Ali, Sarah Masud, Suman Nath, and Ishat E. Rabban
In the Journal of Information Systems, vol. 42: 89-106, 2014. 
Sarah Masud, Farhana Murtaza Choudhury, Mohammed Eunus Ali, and Sarana Nutanong
In Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE), pp. 637-6482013.