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Modern Physics 
Automotive Industry 
Farhad Vedad in brief

He was born in Mashad-Iran on January 30th 1963. He has a B.S degree in applied atomic physics from Tehran Polytechnic University (sanaati Amirkabir). He did his thesis of work on Q-Switch for Nd:YAG Laser at the center of researches for Lasers at Atomic Energy Organization of Iran-Tehran. Later he continued his education as M.S in the field of environmental engineering at the science and research branch of Azad university in Tehran. Meanwhile he did short courses in the field of Mechanics and Electronics at private institutes and HVAC at Elm-va-sanat University. He has worked with different CAD systems since 1988. He has been resident in Sweden since July 1999. Since that time he has worked as a high qualified surface enginner in the field of automotive industry. 

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