Farewell Cards

  • an acknowledgment or expression of goodwill at parting
  • the act of departing politely; "he disliked long farewells"; "he took his leave"; "parting is such sweet sorrow"
  • Ayşe Kulin (born 1941 in İstanbul) is a Turkish contemporary novelist and columnist.
  • Used to express good wishes on parting
  • A piece of thick, stiff paper or thin pasteboard, in particular one used for writing or printing on
  • Such a piece of thick paper printed with a picture and used to send a message or greeting
  • (card) one of a set of small pieces of stiff paper marked in various ways and used for playing games or for telling fortunes; "he collected cards and traded them with the other boys"
  • A small piece of such paper with a person's name and other details printed on it for purposes of identification, for example a business card
  • card game: a game played with playing cards
  • (card) tease: separate the fibers of; "tease wool"
farewell cards
Farewell Card
Farewell Card
This is a Farewell handmade card for my dear friend Cecilia. We've been working together for 6 years now .. The Butterflies being released from the envelope would signify her new found freedom and journey to her new destination.
Farewell card for Zunko(ずんこ)
Farewell card for Zunko(ずんこ)
Zunko, I wanted to present you with a little farewell card. It’s not much, but we hope you like it.