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Our love affair with dogs started with the adoption of KC,a beautiful Golden Retriever boy, many years ago. He was our first Golden Retriever together, a rescue, who sold us on the breed and paved the way for Fare Kennels. Next came Sandy, and later we met with a wonderful breeder, Carol Lee (Ambercroft Kennels), who trusted us with Lady and Muffin, pictured enjoying an afternoon on our front lawn in Ontario, back in 2009. These wonderful girls came into our lives in 1999 and were the foundation to our lines, and we are so lucky because Carol continues to be a valued mentor and very dear friend.

At Fare Kennels, our priority is healthy dogs with great temperaments, a true Golden. To provide the best possible care for our pups, we only breed occasionally.. All puppies are home raised, under foot, with lots of home activities and socializing with people and other animals. All our dogs are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club. Before any Golden is included in our breeding program, they first must have had testing done to be sure they have health clearances for heart, eye and hip problems and have a great true Golden heart.

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In addition to the Goldens, we have two Beagles Beezy & Gabby. In 2015 we have started another chapter in our lives and moved to New Brunswick. We welcome you to come for a visit, give us a call or email us so we can know when you would like to come. phone 506 215-2555 phone or text 705 726-6125 our cell