Batchs For Paperkey

Page hurriedly built to publish the files

Well, I just needed a place to put the file, so I am using this. It will look ugly, but if the file can be downloaded...

Now, to the point. The zip file contains 2 batch files to try to simplify the usage of Paperkey.exe a little bit (it's not complicated to use, but some of us are alergic to command line), and a readme.txt file that gives some simple directions about the usage of these files. I have chosen one way to use paperkey, there are more ways to archive the result you want, but I focused in what I thought it was the simplest way to get a txt file with your secret key on it, or a gpg file with the restored secret key.

The batch files can be downloaded here.

And the signature for the zip file from here.

Please be aware I don't guarantee the files are safe to use. I used them in Windows XP, with Paperkey compiled for Windows, and they worked fine, but don't blame me for any unexpected results, including crashes and computer explosions...

Paperkey can be downloaded from it's author site at:

Finally, I want to thank David Shaw for Paperkey, and for all the answers he provides at GnuPG help list.