RA positions


Duration: 1 year

Hours: Full-time

Reporting to: Dr Jacopo Bonan (Milan Politecnico), Dr.Giovanna d’Adda (University of Milan), Dr Mahreen Mahmud (University of Oxford), Farah Said (Lahore School of Economics), Dr Diego Ubfal (Bocconi University)

We are currently recruiting for a Research Coordinator for management of research and field activities related to two different Randomized Controlled Trials that test for the role of behavioural constraints on individual decision making, including, but not limited to, encouraging women to invest in their enterprise or to prompt timely payments of bills and dues. This research is currently under way by researchers at Lahore School of Economics and partner universities. The results of this research can help inform policy to encourage enterprise by women or for instance, for policy makers to prompt timely payments.

The position will be based at CREB, Lahore School of Economics, Burki Road, and will also require some travel to field sites in Punjab and Sindh, Pakistan.


● Clean and prepare data from surveys and other sources.

● Participate in development, piloting, revision, and translation of surveys and other data collection activities

● Code questionnaire for surveys on SurveyCTO or ODK.

● Participate in enumerator training for follow-up surveys.

● Monitor field activities and provide feedback to survey firm and intervention field staff.

● Setting up and maintaining online shared resources

● Training and managing a team of Research Assistants who will provide support for existing and new research that is part of the research programme

● Manage and expand existing systems for Lahore-school research in this area to maximize functionality and effectiveness and setting up new systems where necessary.

● Coordinate field activities between stakeholders

● Draft policy briefs based on descriptive and analytical findings of study

● Other project tasks as needed

Selection criteria

● Bachelors or Masters in economics or a relevant subject.

● Strong STATA skills, data cleaning and management experience.

● Strong Urdu skills including proofreading, translation and typing.

● Ability to manage time and communicate effectively with multiple collaborators.

● Coding in Z-tree or O-tree or ODK is a plus but not required (if the candidate does not already have these skills, he/she will learn them on the job).

● Willing to take responsibility for each stage of the process of delivering an output.

● Leadership experience in managing complex operations requiring independent planning and efficient utilization of resources.

● Shortlisted candidates will be expected to complete a short Stata test.

To apply, please save your CV with filename Lastname_Firstname_CV and cover letter Lastname_Firstname_cover, and upload them here before 5 00 pm (PT), 20th May 2018.