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In a little-developed corner of the internet, curtained by spider webs that flutter in a way that calls to mind the words 'ominous,' 'spooky,' and 'tackily cliche,' the unmistakable sound of mewling catz and barking dogz can be heard...

Pushing through the webs, you would be surprised to find how un-spiderwebby they are. They are, in fact, for decorative purposes only.


The Spider does not like real webs...


The Spider herself, though, is seated inside, with a grin on her face and a cat who appears to be mostly tail in her lap. She is waiting, silently waiting, for you to pick your door. Many of them stand to your left. Which one do you choose?



September 11: I've neglected this page for several reasons:
A) I migrated to the Opera browser. SO MUCH BETTER THAN IE OR MOZILLA! Only problem, it doesn't support the stuff I need to modify this page. Difficulty updating = fewer updates.
B) I've lost a lot of desire to play petz. I haven't lost ALL interest, but most of it's gone. I'm reading a couple forums, dabbling in a few places... but it took a fight for me to realize that I didn't need to stress myself out over pixels.
C) I'm busy. Two jobs now, woo!

So... no more updates - and no more requests. I might get a new page eventually. For now, though, I'm just leaving this as-is.

March 12: Removed the adoption pages - I've decided I don't like webpage adoptions. Sorry to anyone looking forward to them!

Also updated my hex archvie and added some new petz to my crew pages.

March 7: Massive update! My archive has been fully updated, as have my crew pages. Yay!

February 25: The Variated Tabby file is here! You can find it on the Hexies page. Also, I have pruned my catz crew down.

February 1: Some new Hexies as well as a hexie request service up!