Optimising Acrobat Reader & Adobe PDF Files


Solution 1: Speedup Your Reader

Acrobat Reader loads all plug-ins and a "splash screen" on startup. Both the splash screen and many of the plugins can be safely moved to  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\Optional

Only the following plugin files are required for Acrobat Reader startup:

 - EScript.api
 - EWH32.api
 - reflow.api
 - Search.api
 - weblink.api

These remain in the following directory:  C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 6.0\Reader\plug_ins

Tested: OK (Adobe Acrobat Reader 6, Windows 98 SE) 

Solution 2: Speedup Your PDF File

- Avoid inserting bitmapped images. Vector graphics (SVG Format) or uncompressed JPEGS work better within PDF ebooks.

- Where practical, select one embedded font only for your PDF Document. Or consider using unembedded fonts. These are: Courier, Helvetica, and Times.

- Use RGB Color Space (Microsoft-friendly, uses one less data channel than CMYK)

- In later versions of Adobe Acrobat Pro (7 & 8) a "PDF Optimizer" function is available. 

Best settings for PDF Optimizer are: Max Optimization 5

Colour Images - 72 pixels, bicubic downsampling, quality: medium (compression JPEG)

Greyscale Images - 72 pixels, bicubic downsampling, quality: medium (compression JPEG)

Monochrome Images - 150 pixels, bicubic downsampling, compression JBIG2, quality "Lossy"

Advanced -> PDF Optimizer -> Images

Colour Images - Downsample (bicubic) 150 pixels for images above 225 pixels (compression retain existing)

Greyscale - Downsample (bicubic) 150 pixels for images above 225 pixels (compression JPEG) quality: medium

Monochrome - Downsample (bicubic) 222 pixels for images above 333 pixels (compression JBIG2) quality: "Lossy"

Other options: Delete Unused Objects, Clean Up Document (Later Acrobat Versions), Use "save as" to compact your PDF rather than "save" function.

Tested: TBA 

Solution 3: Install Foxit Reader

Foxit Reader is reported as loading ebook/pdf files faster into RAM memory. Available as a free download from:

Foxit Software 

Please note: Foxit Reader supports Microsoft Windows ME/2000/XP/2003/Vista and PDF Format Version Standard 1.7

Tested: TBA