The headline: "Wells Fargo to Pay $2.09 Billion to End U.S. Mortgage Probe"

Some text from the article: " The firm set out in 2005 to double production of two types of risky mortgages, known as subprime and Alt-A. As part of the push, it loosened requirements for stated-income loans, the government said. Yet the bank’s sampling and testing of the debts showed signs that information submitted was too often inaccurate, investigators found."

2005? Hmmm.  Fantasy Land Mortgage was also in "business" then...


April 2018 - Just in: It turns out the Fantasy Land Mortgage had another branch
"Wells Fargo fined $1 billion for ‘reckless unsafe or unsound practices"

This domain was a marvelous satire site lampooning the state of the US mortgage industry in the mid to late 2000's. 

Some text from the original home page: 
"When your bank says "No", Fantasyland Mortgage says "Why not?"
"We put the FU back in Funding"

"Want a mortgage? Keep getting turned down by those big "the loan has to make sense" mortgage banks? Here at Fantasyland Mortgage, we have the program you need to get the mortgage you truly don't deserve.
Browse our programs and find one that's right for you."

I first found the site in February 2005. It was amazingly prescient given the mortgage crisis that was to come. The unknown creator clearly had an important early insight into the then crazy US housing and mortgage markets. 

Below is a link to the PDF of the site that I saved at that time.

This is a link to an Internet Archive save of the site in 2004: