Where to Wear It

Links to Help You Find Someplace to Wear Your Garb

Renaissance Faires

Role-Play and Re-Enactment 

  • Society for Creative Anachronism - The SCA is a a re-enactment group dedicating to an historically accurate representation of (mostly) Western Europe before 1600.
  • Larp.com - A list of Live-Action Role-Playing groups around the world.
  • Nero - A fantasy-based Live-Action Role-Play with groups all over North America.
  • Shade's Live-Action Role-Playing - A hugely comprehensive list of LARP groups, conventions, and events all over the world.
  • Amtgard - A fantasy-based Live-Action Role-Play with groups in the US, Canada, and Croatia.
  • Pathfinder - A fantasy Live-Action Role-Play based around North Buckinghamshire and Northamptonshire, in England.