Middle Earth Recipes

The "Middle Earth Recipes" thread once started as "Shire Recipes" posted by ringbearer9 on TheOneRing.net website. Thanks to the many recipes submitted and the excitement about the thread, the original poster turned it into a monthly event and the name was changed to "Middle Earth Recipes".
Each month the chefs on TORN were challenged to post recipes related to a particular location from the J.R.R. Tolkien's "Lord Of the Rings" books. Locations were following the path of the Fellowship Of the Ring.
There have been twelve threads since September, 2008 when ringbearer9 posted the first one. "The Fellowship Of The Ring" recipes journey ended in the summer of 2009. To celebrate the upcoming fall and winter festivities, we continued travelling through Middle Earth with the first thread dedicated to "The Two Towers". 
Here is an archive of all these wonderful threads and you can come back and check for updates. Hopefully, you will like what we've been posting with great delight and enthusiasm!
"The Fellowship Of The Ring"
"The Two Towers"