Experiencias eTwinning

Durante el curso 2009/2010 iniciamos nuestra singladura en los proyectos europeos eTwinning. La siguiente lista muestra información sobre cada uno de ellos, junto con un acceso directo.

Lista de partners contactados para trabajar

 Hana Štusáková Czech Republic hanastusakova@seznam.cz Me! / 14
 Raluca Barsan  Romania  Me!
 Anelia Manoilova Bulgaria an61@abv.bg  Me!
 Gayle Luke United Kingdom
 gayle.bowes@virgin.net Me!
 Magali Grapton
 France  Me!
 Danijela Zorica-Wachter
 Germany  Me!
 Rita Del Favero Italy rita.delfavero@fastwebnet.it Flowers of Europe (and a lot more)
 Christian Garcia Spain  Famous people in our town ?
 Edyta Kozłowska Poland  Famous people in our town OK
 Sevil Doğan Turkey sevildogann111@gmail.com Famous people in our town OK added
 Olimpia Ionescu    
 Romania olimpiacamelia_ionescu@yahoo.com Famous people in our town added
 Jana Zrotálová  Slovakia   Famous people in our town added
 Seniha Pilesina Atay Turkey spilesina@gmail.com
 Famous people in our town  added
 Miruna Stoean Romania mirunati@yahoo.co.uk
 Famous people in our town ? (3-6 años) added
 Maria José Sanz Mengual Spain mariajose_968@hotmail.com Famous people in our town added
 Nicki Wilbraham United Kingdom nickiwilbraham@yahoo.co.ukPostcards from around the world 2
 rahsan aydin Turkey  Impossible Inventions
 sinem akar Turkey sinemakar_18@hotmail.com Impossible Inventions
 ozgur gozuyilmaz Turkey ogozuyilmaz@gmail.com Impossible Inventions
 Leah Bingham United Kingdom leahhill69@hotmail.com Impossible Inventions
 Maria Alexandrina Daian Romania sandadaian@yahoo.com Impossible Inventions

Lista de proyectos trabajados / en espera

Our heroes, our idols
 11-12 Finished!
Me!  Mª Jesús Rodríguez
 Hana Štusáková

 Raluca Barsan
 Anelia Manoilova
 Gayle Luke
Pupils write about themselves in several stages: 1. My description. 2. What I'm wearing. 3. My favourites. 4. My family (if we get in time). 

Famous people in our town Mª Jesús Rodríguez
 Edyta Kozłowska
 Sevil Doğan
 Christian Garcia
 Olimpia Ionescu
 Jana Zrotálová
 Seniha Pilesina Atay
 Miruna Stoean
 MariaJosé Sanz Mengual
Let's know famous people in our town: scientics, inventors, writers, politician, musician... and express about their lives in past.

Flowers of Europe

Flash project for Europe Day and eTwinning anniversay
 Rita Del Favero
Mª Jesús Rodríguez
 and more
Any kind of production is welcome: from simple text to poems, recipes,photos, videos, ppts,songs, proverbs, drawings and whatever comes to your mind connected with flowers, from any point of view, scientific, literary, personal, gastrononic... 7-8

Postcards from around the world 2  Nicki Wilbraham
Mª Jesús Rodríguez
 and more
Every child in every class involved in the project will write a postcard about their city. Then, they will post each postcard to a different school. If you send 20 postcards, you should receive 20 postcards. The children are able then to look at a map to see where the postcard has come from, and learn about places that they may not have heard about.

Impossible Inventions
     No realizado