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The Titans were ancient Greek first generation gods after the primaval gods. The Titans were later upheld in consciousness as governing in life even if they were old gods.

Kronos came to power after Uranus and Gaia and Kronos and Rhea went together as son and daughter as time and place after heaven and earth.

First generation Titans:

Time Poem
Kronos, Cronus Saturnus, Saturn

North Poem
Koios, Polos Coeus, Polus

South Poem
Krios, Kreios Crius

East Poem
Hyperion Hyperion

West Poem
Iapetos Iapetus, Japetus

Circumference Poem
Okeanos Oceanus

Zest for life Poem
Phanês Phanes

Place Poem Show
Rheia, Rhea Ops, Opis Appearance

Fresh water Poem Shyness
Tethys Tethys Married Okeanos

Spring Poem Perception
Phoibe Phoebe Prophecies

Summer Poem Overview
Theia Theia Mother to sky lights

Autumn Poem Experience
Mnemosyne Mnemosyne Made language

Winter Poem Wisdom
Themis Themis Divine law

System Poem Ordering
Ananke Necessitas Inevitability

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